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Love After Lockup exclusive: Lacey makes her choice after seeing John

Lacey and John from Love After Lockup.
Lacey tells John her decision has been made. Pic credit: WEtv

Love After Lockup star Lacey has had a tough decision hanging over her head all season. She came on the show engaged to one inmate, John, but she was also talking to another inmate, Shane.

The situation has intensified since Love After Lockup began. Last week, Shane proposed to Lacey and she was left to make a big decision regarding her future. John has a history with her and Shane is the new guy on the block. Which man will she choose?

In this Love After Lockup exclusive clip, Lacey and John finally meet face to face. He was released from behind bars and when they stand together, her decision becomes clear. Lacey tells John that she loves Shane and hands him his ring back. It doesn’t look like the confrontation will end there, as he follows her back to her car.

Viewers who have been following Lacey on social media know that a lot has happened over the past few months. She bought a home and it was revealed that she married Shane over the summer. While details have not been made available, her social media is filled with photos of the couple.

One particular photo that was posted sparked some speculation that Lacey may be having Shane’s baby. She already has kids, but none with her current love. Shane also posted a similar photo, which only added fuel to the fire. Will these two welcome another Love After Lockup baby that was conceived while filming?

Seeing Lacey confront John and reveal her true feelings will play out on tonight’s episode of Love After Lockup. It has been a long time coming and her decision to choose Shane should surprise no one — except maybe John. Lacey did tell him about her new man while he was still locked up, but she never did tell him anything else about how serious the two were or how she was in love with him.

To see how everything pans out, be sure to tune in for the all-new episode!

Love After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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