Loki showrunners describe what fans can expect from the Disney+ series

Tom Hiddleston as Loki for Disney+.
Tom Hiddelston as Loki for Disney+. Pic credit: Marvel

Loki hits Disney+ arrives in June as the third Marvel Cinematic Universe series, and it should differ greatly from the two that came before.

WandaVision was an eccentric story of Wanda grief and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was an action-packed series with the heroes moving on from the loss of Captain America.

Loki appears to be a time-travel story in the multiverse that will see Loki travel to different eras and locations to fix things that went wrong.

This is also the Loki before his rehabilitation since this was the Avengers’ Loki that had just lost the Battle of New York.

Now, the Loki showrunners are talking about what fans can expect.

What to expect from Loki in Disney+

Loki director Kate Herron and head writer Michael Waldron talked to Entertainment Weekly about the series.

Loki will be six episodes and will introduce the Time Variance Authority. This group tasked themselves with keeping the main timeline straight, and Loki traveling through time messed a lot of things up.

“I would describe it as big sci-fi with heart,” director Kate Herron said. She also compared the tone of the series with Jurassic Park.

“They’re in these amazing sci-fi worlds,” Herron said. “So I think for us with Loki, I think the thing I brought to it is that i’m very character-focused and I’m always trying to give the audience an understanding of, how does these characters feel in these big huge universes?”

They also revealed the Loki Disney+ series would focus on Loki’s identity. This caused writer Michael Waldron to compare the show to another hit series, AMC’s Mad Men.

“We’re going to get to invest six episodes worth of time and get to tell maybe a more complex, layered character-driven story than you’d get to do in a big blockbuster where you’ve got so many characters to service in just a two-hour runtime,” Waldron said.

“That Mad Men influence as much philosophical and it was aesthetic.”

What can fans expect from the Time Variance Authority?

The Time Variance Authority are keepers of the timeline, but as Marvel Comics fans know, they are very beurocratic.

The Loki Disney+ series will keep that intact.

“I actually spent a lot of my life working in admin offices as a temp, so I had a lot of personal experience in bureaucratic organizations to bring,” Herron said. “These are the detail we need to capture,’ being someone who has worked in offices.”

However, she also said that the TVA will also pay great homage to science fiction.

As for Owen Wilson’s TVA operative, he is a Film noir detective, comparing it to Blade Runner.

“She spent a lot of time talking about noir in her initial pitch with us and looking at Mobius as a bit of a hard-boiled detective in a nonplussed way.” Herron said. “Bringing that vibe to the look of the show, to the bureaucratic procedure of the show is very unique.”

Loki premieres June 9 on Disney+. Click here to see the full Marvel release schedule.

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