Loki could introduce the X-Men to the MCU

Loki could introduce the X-Men to the MCU
Tom Hiddelston as Loki. Pic credit: Marvel

The new Loki series hits Disney+ in June and sees the Trickster God traveling through time and trying to fix variances in the timeline.

This is done by working with the Time Variance Authority (an organization straight out of Marvel Comics). In the trailer, the TVA tells Loki he needs to fix things that he messed up when he went back with the Infinity Stone in Avengers: Endgame.

They then said he needs to fix it so that the “sacred timeline” is preserved.

That term – sacred timeline – is also out of Marvel Comics.

How does Marvel’s Sacred Timeline connect to the X-Men?

Marvel’s sacred timeline connects to the X-Men because that was a timeline that belonged to the Clan Askani, who were the heirs to the X-Men and fought Apocalypse in the future.

The X-Men had used time travel extensively in its history. The comic book storyline and movie, X-Men: Days of Future Past, dealt with time travel. They had to go back in time to stop an assassination by Mystique that would bring about the apocalypse for both humans and mutants.

This ended up creating several time travel adventures, including the Age of Apocalypse as well as a timeline that introduced Cable, which Deadpool 2 played with as well.

When it comes to the Clan Askani, they were part of the Days of Future Past timeline that created the Age of Apocalypse and saw them battling the evil mutant overlord. They chose to always fight to keep the sacred timeline safe and protected from time travelers.

How can Loki bring in the X-Men?

The reason the Time Variance Authority was angry was that Loki had caused a split timeline through his actions and damaged the sacred timeline.

This was mentioned in Avengers: Endgame when Hulk went to get the Infinity Stone that Doctor Strange possessed and had to convince The Ancient One why it was important. She described the splitting of timelines and how it would create alternate worlds.

Based on the Loki trailer, this is what he did.

There is a chance that Loki will run awry, and if he does, he could create a new timeline where mutants exist. He could even make a change where they exist in the sacred timeline of the MCU.

Of course, this could also be a red herring (like Quicksilver in WandaVision), but it is always fun to speculate.

Loki hits Netflix on Disney+ on June 11.

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