New Loki promotional image promotes his Presidential run

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The new Loki trailer is here for the upcoming Disney+ series. Pic credit: Marvel

Could Loki become President of the United States?

A new promotional image for the upcoming Disney+ series harkens to a famous Loki tale as the God of Lies tried for America’s highest office only to come to a surprising result.

Vote Loki

The image features Tom Hiddleston as Loki with his classic helmet and green costume, now a suit. 

While having a “Vote Loki” button, the poster emphasizes the line “beLIEve,” reminding us who we’re dealing with.

This is linked to shots in the trailer of Loki looking like he’s running, which ties in with 2016’s Vote Loki mini-series.

The four-issue mini-series has Loki posing as a reporter to stop a Hydra attack on a Presidential debate. With the cameras on him, Loki brags that all politicians are liars and that “if I was President, I’d at least lie to people’s faces.”

Before long, the public is getting behind Loki’s campaign, with Thor saying he can’t bring Loki back to Asgard as it has its own political issues. Likewise, despite Loki’s past, the other Avengers are wary of getting so directly involved in politics as that can be a slippery slope.

Reporter Nisa Contreras follows Loki, trying to expose his conniving nature, but every move just makes him more popular with voters. Eventually, she seems able to prove Loki was secretly behind that Hydra attack to set this whole campaign up.

What truly sinks Loki is when pressed by Nisa and others, he admits he honestly has no idea what he would actually do to help the world as President and loses the election. Nisa is hailed as the only reporter willing to stand up to Loki, which earns her own TV show.

Loki then meets with Nisa and hints he did all this to make her famous so she could be a voice against corrupt politicians. He then leaves while telling the newly elected President he expects a favor for making himself look like a fool.

Loki on the show

The mini-series was hailed for its satirical touch on politics (even more so considering the actual U.S. election of 2016) and a fun turn on Loki.

The series seems to be playing on that as Loki is from an alternate timeline where, after the final battle of 2012’s The Avengers, he gained control of the Tesseract and escaped.

Loki is now in the custody of the Time Variance Authority, who are giving him the “choice” of helping them in missions across history or be erased. 

A growing fan theory is that Sophia Di Martino plays a female version of Loki from another reality, which would naturally lead to a battle of wits.

How and why Loki comes to run for President on the show is up in the air as it could be part of a larger mission for the TVA or just Loki playing one of his usual games. 

As it stands, the idea of Loki actually being an honest American politician is a hysterical touch for the series.

Loki debuts on Disney+ June 11.

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