LIVE’s Mark Consuelos confesses to a ‘smooch’ with a soccer fan after the team’s big win

Mark Consuelos at a movie premiere in Los Angeles.
Mark Consuelos confessed to a “smooch” with a fan a soccer game in Italy. Pic credit: © Admedia

Mark Consuelos missed LIVE with Kelly and Mark yesterday while he flew home from Italy after a vital soccer game, which kept him away from his seat next to Kelly Ripa.

Kelly recounted her fears about him being in Italy and partying in the city after the Campobasso FC win over the weekend.

Mark and Kelly are part owners of Campobasso FC, a soccer club that is doing well this season.

They clinched their championship and moved up a division, which Mark did not want to miss, so he flew to Italy to see the unique game in person.

According to a story Mark told during the chat, Kelly has something else to worry about besides Mark’s safety.

As soon as Kelly welcomed Mark home on the show, Mark shared that he had a moment with another fan, one who happened to be a woman, in the aftermath of the win.

‘I kissed her,’ said Mark about a fan in Italy

Mark vividly described the two-and-a-half-hour ride home from the stadium to Campobasso, where thousands of fans awaited the team’s homecoming.

Fans traveled with the team to their away game, and afterward, everyone came back to their home stadium wanting to celebrate the win.

Mark described that over five hundred fans were behind plexiglass to keep the players safe. “It gets dramatic with Italian football,” Mark said. Mark shared a moment with one fan as the players and owners celebrated with the fans across the plexiglass.

He said a lady who could be his aunt, or someone else’s aunt locked eyes with him across the glass. He told Kelly and the audience, “I kissed her…I closed my eyes…my back foot went up.”

After Kelly asked if he was having an emotional affair because Mark never closes his eyes when he kisses her, he said no, it was “like a smooch… but passionate.”

Mark described the celebration: “Tonight we party all night long, and no one sleeps!” It sounded like one long party after the team did so well.

Kelly asked Steve Patterson if he was ‘drunk with power’

While Mark was away celebrating with his sports team, Steve Patterson was back co-hosting for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic shut things down. It was four years and four days since he last sat beside Kelly.

Kelly warned everyone that something big was coming since Steve would be back. During the host chat, she shared that she thought she was getting sick, and that could be the calamity that Steve would be bringing with him.

Kelly asked if he was “drunk with power” since hosting LIVE is his “destiny.” Steve has been a fan since he watched LIVE with Regis and Kathie Lee many years ago.

LIVE with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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