Here’s why Kelly Ripa thinks LIVE could be jinxed next week

Kelly Ripa at the Academy Awards
Kelly Ripa is hoping that next week won’t be jinxed with Steve Patterson back next week. Pic credit: ©

Last week, everyone saw that Andy Cohen co-hosted Live with Kelly and Mark instead of Mark Consuelos.

Andy and Kelly Ripa have great chemistry, and he is an excellent substitute for Mark, especially in the Stump Mark portion of the show. Andy showed that he wants to win just as much as Mark does.

This upcoming week will be no different with Mark Consuelos in Italy again instead of in the studio next to Kelly.

Mark is fully invested in his soccer team winning their season and must be there for the games. Unfortunately, he can’t co-host LIVE because of the travel time back to NYC.

There is a good chance that Campobasso FC may come out on top in their league, which would break records for the 100-year-old football club, and Mark doesn’t want to miss it.

Steve Patterson, who happens to be friends with Kelly and Mark, shared some “Big News” on his Instagram, sharing that while Mark plays in Italy, he will join Kelly on Monday’s LIVE.

Kelly remarked on his post, worrying about him jinxing things

Steve Patterson was on the show as a guest in the past and co-hosted in March 2020, just before the world shut down because of COVID-19.

As soon as Steve shared his announcement, he said, “It’s happening!” Kelly chimed in with her worries over Steve being in Mark’s seat again.

In her post, she said, “If the world shuts down again, I’m not saying you’re a jinx, but I’m not NOT saying it.”

To allay her fears, Steve replied, “@kellyripa, I’m wearing a mask…just in case!”

In the same thread, LIVE’s resident DJ, Deja Vu, said, “Yayyy! You’re gonna kill it!!!”

Kelly Ripa responds to Steve Patterson on Instagram
Pic credit: @thestevepatterson/Instagram

Let’s hope another Steve Patterson guest host spot doesn’t shut down the world like it did when COVID-19 hit. Maybe it will help if he wears his mask like he joked.

LIVE debuts some hot new merchandise on their website

Everyone knows that Kelly and Mark love their dogs, Chewie and Lena, and now that love is pouring into the merchandise the show sells.

Usually, you can buy your standard mug or T-shirt from the Live with Kelly and Mark store, but Mark showed off some new items on the show.

The new items are geared towards the fans who own pets.

Now, show fans can buy water dishes and dog toys for their pets. There is even a pet bandana so the pets can match their owners’ Live with Kelly and Mark t-shirts.

LIVE with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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