LIVE’s Kelly Ripa shared why she was devastated after her trip to Africa

Kelly Ripa at an event in NYC
Kelly Ripa went to Africa. Pic credit: ©

It was no surprise to hear LIVE with Kelly and Mark cohosts Kelly Ripa and her husband, Mark Consuelos, went to Africa over the weekend.

Fans of the couple found out that their daughter Lola Consuelos was in Morocco several days ago.

Since Lola relocated to London full-time, quick trips to Africa or Italy have become the norm for Kelly and Mark’s only daughter.

Mark has even jaunted over to Italy and met up with Lola for a quick weekend getaway.

This time, Kelly and Mark met up with Lola in Morocco for the wedding of friends Joe Machota and Michael Russell. Joe Machota is an agent most famous for representing Scarlett Johansson.

One friend, Tony Marion, tagged Mark in a photo from the “fairytale weekend.”

Kelly Ripa shared details of her trip to Africa and what devastated her about it

Kelly shared that Mark would return the next day because he would quickly stop in Italy to see his soccer team, Compobasso, before joining Kelly on LIVE later in the week.

Kelly took a moment before the show to share with the audience, “I was in Africa just a few short hours before…I’ve never been to Africa before. It was so exciting!”

During her excitement about Africa, she asked customs to stamp her passport, but as Kelly said, “It was not very inky. You can barely see it. I’m very devastated! You can barely see I was there. It upsets me.”

Going to Africa is a dream for most, and it certainly doesn’t happen daily for Kelly. It bothered her that the passport stamp wasn’t “very inky,” but it would make for a great story at parties.

Bravo’s Andy Cohen stepped in while Mark was away

In a change of pace for LIVE with Kelly and Mark, Andy Cohen filled in while Mark went to Italy to check on his soccer team.

Andy Cohen is a good friend of Kelly and Mark’s, and the couple occasionally calls him their fourth child. That would make them honorary grandparents to Andy’s children.

Andy shared a photo of him and Kelly on LIVE, with Kelly offering thanks for his help cohosting. Andy said, “I had a ball!!!”

Kelly Ripa and Andy Cohen on Live with Kelly and Mark
Kelly Ripa thanked Andy Cohen for cohosting on Live with Kelly and Mark. Pic credit: @bravoandy/Instagram

Andy Cohen makes an excellent cohost for Kelly when Mark can’t be there. He is always a fan favorite and knows Kelly almost as well as Mark does, which makes for great banter between them.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs on weekday mornings on ABC.

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