Andy Cohen reveals his son sneakily ate a gift from Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos

Andy Cohen at a random event.
Andy Cohen reveals his son ate a gift Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos gave them. Pic credit: ©

Well, it may be time for Andy Cohen to be in Kelly Ripa’s dog house, giving Mark Consuelos a break.

Mark, Kelly’s newest co-host on Live with Kelly and Mark, likes to put Kelly down playfully.

Recently, as reported on Monsters and Critics, his joking about Kellly’s hairy legs got him in hot water, and Kelly threatened to go to the doghouse to sleep.

Andy Cohen, the 55-year-old with two adorable children, Ben, who is 4, and Lucy, who is 19 months old, is great friends with Kelly and Mark.

A few years ago, Kelly wrote an article in Variety detailing their friendship and how they met at a party thrown by Bryant Gumble. Bryant Gumble is also one of Kelly and Mark’s favorite people.

Andy has shared that his son Ben calls Kelly, Mee Maw, and Mark, Pee Paw. He woke up recently to that same son eating a holiday gift.

Kelly and Mark had sent them a gingerbread house. Andy then filmed the interaction with Ben.

Andy Cohen shares a sweet video asking his son about the gingerbread house

Andy woke up and found Ben eating gingerbread from the house Kelly and Mark gifted them.

He said, “Ben, I don’t like coming downstairs and finding you with the gingerbread house in our mouth.”

He then asked Ben if he understood and why would he do that.

As cute as can be, Ben replied, “It’s just so yummy.”

The conversation that ensued was hilarious. Andy told him he wasn’t sure you were even supposed to eat gingerbread houses. Then Andy asked, “What does it taste like?”

After a bit of back and forth, Ben told Andy, “…it tastes delicious like daddy!”

Andy thanked Kelly and Mark in his Instagram post, saying in part, “It’s a big hit!”

Andy’s famous friends weigh on on the gingerbread fiasco

After Andy’s cute video, some of his famous friends had to post their feelings.

Kate Chastain and Khloe Kardashian replying to Andy Cohen on Instagram
Two of Andy Cohen’s friends post on his Instagram. Pic credit: @kate_chastain/@khloekardashian/@bravoandy/Instagram

Kate Chastain, of Below Deck fame, said, “The flattery of ‘Delicious like daddy!’…kids a genius.” Kate had her first child in May of this year, a son named Sullivan.

And then, Khloe Kardashian said of Ben, “Ben is me! I am Ben! Ben is US!!!! His explanation deserves the gingerbread house.”

Khloe has two children: a daughter, True, and a son, Tatum.

Andy replied, “@khloekardashian, you ain’t wrong.” Ben is everyone because who doesn’t like gingerbread?

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