Here’s why Mark Consuelos is in the doghouse with Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos at separate events
Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos from Live with Kelly and Mark. Pic credit: ©StarMaxWorldwide/ImagePressAgency/

Kelly Ripa’s husband, Mark Consuelos, has been a great addition to the show they now share, Live with Kelly and Mark.

But Kelly has called him out repeatedly for making fun of her on the show.

Recently, as reported on Monsters and Critics, Kelly told everyone that Mark was mimicking her behind the scenes, and she was not happy about it.

After she told Mark that he was free to imitate anyone except for her, Kelly took the time to show the viewers how exaggeratedly wrong Mark’s portrayal was.

Once again, the host chat banter on the Live with Kelly and Mark show is getting Mark in hot water with Kelly.

He cannot seem to avoid insulting Kelly as he tries to make a joke about her.

Mark Consuelos insults KellyRipa and her grooming habits live on the air

Kelly wanted to pivot the host chat away from sports since, in her words, “I did not realize this show would turn into ESPN.”

She started to describe something named cricketing. It is a new TikTok sensation. says the hashtag #cricketfeet has garnered some 70.8 billion views.

Cricketing is where you rub your feet together before you go to sleep. This activity is supposed to do incredible things to help you sleep.

After describing all this, Kelly told Mark, “I believe I cricket against you.”

Mark quipped back at her, “Which is dangerous in fall when things are dry and you can start a fire!” Mark was implying that Kelly did not shave her legs in the fall.

The audience was on fire during this exchange. Mark yelled, “Yeah! Roadshow! Bro Show!” He then turned to Kelly, as if egged on by the audience’s reaction, and said, “You could be on a survivalist show.”

Kelly reminded Mark that he has no stubble anywhere. He replied, “But I don’t cricket.”

“Don’t you?” queried Kelly. Mark relented, “Maybe I snuggle.”

Then, once the realization of what he had said to Kelly hit him, he said, “I feel that I may be snuggling less this weekend.”

Kelly described the benefits of cricketing, namely that it calms and self-regulates you. Then she told the audience, “Tonight when you go home in your bed, men, when you are put in the guest bedroom, try cricketing.”

Everyone laughed, and then Mark had one last putdown, “Make sure you change the batteries on your fire alarm.”

Boos rang out throughout the studio audience. And Kelly finished up, “I am so looking forward to Mark’s ice-cold weekend.”

Kelly Ripa told a funny story about the time she forgot who she was in bed with during a segment

Kelly Ripa discussed the show’s bed segment with Ryan Seacrest and Jerry O’Connell.

She was so used to snuggling with her husband, Mark, that she immediately turned to the left and snuggled with Jerry O’Connell, creating a very awkward moment.

She apologized to Jerry and said, “No wonder he was horrified.” Jerry wasn’t wearing pants in the bed, just a pajama shirt.

Live with Kelly and Mark shared this clip on X (formerly known as Twitter) after it happened.

Ryan Seacrest was the co-host with Kelly Ripa until her husband Mark took over earlier this year. If Mark keeps making fun of Kelly on the show, they may need to ask Ryan back again.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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