Let’s Make a Deal contestant wins big prize thanks to daughter’s helpful advice

lets make a deal host wayne brady face shot on cbs
Wayne Brady met a new Let’s Make a Deal contestant on stage. Pic credit: CBS

While a contestant missed out on a car during one part of Let’s Make a Deal, she had redemption later, thanks to some friendly family advice.

In an early part of the show, Joy, a contestant dressed in a police officer costume, was called on stage.

After host Wayne Brady asked Joy about her profession, he had model Tiffany Coyne reveal three prizes.

They included luxury jewelry, a trip to Berlin, and a new car. Wayne told Joy she could win all three of the prizes.

However, rolling a score of 10 with just one die in a specific number of rolls for each prize required some skills and luck.

For each prize she tried to win, she had fewer rolls to achieve a 10. However, she won the first luxury jewelry prize in four rolls.

She had three rolls to win the trip to Berlin, and although Wayne offered her $500 to leave, she rejected the offer.

Let’s Make a Deal contestant ended the game with a new car still available

After Joy decided to keep playing the game, she rolled that 10 in three rolls and won a sweet trip to Berlin.

However, when told she needed to roll 10 in just two rolls to win the car, she informed Wayne she wanted to stop and keep the Berlin trip.

“Then take Berlin,” Wayne told her, seeming to stop her game as she thanked him and returned to the audience.

“She’s going to Berlin,” he announced as the audience cheered.

“It’s time for the Big Deal of the Day,” Wayne announced near the end of the episode, adding that it was worth over $28,000.

Wayne asked Joy if she wanted to go for the Big Deal since she came in first place during the episode by winning the trip to Berlin.

“I came here for the Big Deal. Going for the Big Deal,” she announced after she stood up.

Contestant traded in her trip and used her daughter’s advice for Big Deal of the Day

Joy’s decision meant she gave up the trip to Berlin won earlier on the show. She returned to the stage with Wayne, and Tiffany presented her with three curtains to choose from.

Joy revealed that she’d asked her 16-year-old daughter which curtain to choose if she got to the Big Deal. According to her daughter, the first curtain was the one to pick.

“I have to listen to my 16-year-old daughter,” she told Wayne.

Before revealing what was behind her curtain, they showed she’d missed out on a trip to the Caribbean worth $6,392 behind the third curtain.

Wayne asked for the reveal of the first curtain, and as the curtains moved aside, it showed “The Big Deal of the Day.”

Joy cheered as they revealed she’d won a shiny new Honda Accord worth over $28,000.

“You did it,” Wayne told her, adding, “Well, your daughter did it.”

Let’s Make a Deal to air new episodes for summer

Let’s Make a Deal fans reacted to Joy’s win in Instagram comments, with some suggesting who should receive the prize.

“I love this show!” one commenter said, with another commenting, “Now you must gift it to your daughter.”

Several viewers indicated they couldn’t see the show’s ending, with one saying it was due to a “special report.”

Another commenter wrote, “I missed the ending so I’m glad I got to see her win a car.”

instagram screenshot shows lets make a deal fans comments about big win
Pic credit: @letsmakeadealcbs/Instagram

On the YouTube video showing Joy’s earlier win, a commenter suggested the Friday, June 28 episode was the Let’s Make a Deal season finale for daytime episodes.

Another commenter replied that “summer shows in primetime” are coming.

lets make a deal fans reacted to winner in youtube comments screenshot
Pic credit: @letsmakeadeal/YouTube

Monsters and Critics previously reported that Let’s Make a Deal Primetime will air this summer, with Wayne returning as host. Based on previous details, viewers can watch Season 4 of CBS’ primetime game show beginning August 7.

Let’s Make a Deal Primetime Season 4 premieres Wednesday, August 7, at 8/7c on CBS.

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Darren Jones
Darren Jones
8 days ago

I was on that show. I won 3000.00