Kelly Ripa calls out ‘weird’ change to Live format, but husband Mark Consuelos disagrees

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Kelly Ripa and her husband had a disagreement about their show’s new opening montage. Pic credit: ©

With a new season of Live came a change to the show’s format, and longtime host Kelly Ripa considers it a “weird” one.

After sharing the hosting duties with the late Regis Philbin, Michael Strahan, and Ryan Seacrest, Kelly is now joined by her husband, Mark Consuelos, as the co-host.

They’ve had differing opinions on various topics, and now one related to the show’s intro is their latest point of disagreement.

The duo appears in an updated opening montage, and Kelly called out specific parts of the footage they show.

While she said she found it “weird,” her hubby seemed to like what they’ve done with the format change.

He called the new addition “real” and “relatable,” prompting more debate about the updated intro between him and his wife.

Kelly Ripa calls out Live’s updated intro scenes as ‘weird’

Kelly and her husband bickered a bit earlier this week over Live’s new montage. It features the married couple brushing their teeth and spitting into the sink as they presumably get ready to film their show.

“Does anybody else think it’s strange that we start the show with Mark and I spitting into a sink?” she asked regarding the new montage.

“I think it’s real,” Mark also told his wife, adding that he felt it was “relatable” to show the footage they have for the intro.

Kelly called out how “it’s really real how we spin around and suddenly we’re all dressed up” and said she felt it was “a really weird thing to open a show with.”

Executive Producer Mark Gelman and Mark mentioned that other good parts from the couple’s morning routine were left out of the montage.

“Welcome to our show,” Kelly said before pretending to spit onto the table in front of them to mock the scene in the montage.

“It’s just really weird,” she mentioned again.

Live got a new intro montage, and a former co-host returned

The updated montage arrived earlier this month as part of the new season for Kelly and her husband, giving them a unique intro for their show.

As mentioned, Kelly and Mark are shown brushing their teeth and wearing pajamas. They’re soon transformed into their outfits to go to work. They hop into a taxi cab and are shown having a discussion, possibly about their latest show.

In the footage, Kelly is seen wearing a hot pink button-up dress, while her husband is dressed stylishly in a red long-sleeved shirt with black pants.

Additional footage shows outside ABC Studios; shots reveal the audience and show producers seeming excited for the latest installment.

Mark joined the show as Kelly’s new co-host earlier this year after Ryan Seacrest announced his departure from Live. He’d been co-hosting alongside Kelly for six years.

The former co-host returned to visit Kelly and Live earlier this month, which brought plenty of excitement.

“He needs no introduction. We’re just excited he’s here, so let’s bring him,” Kelly said before Seacrest came out to greet the audience.

He left Live to focus on other work he had. That includes his longtime job as American Idol host and soon-to-be Wheel of Fortune host. Seacrest was revealed as the new host of the game show, following in the footsteps of the retiring Pat Sajak.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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