Josh Hamilton net worth: How much are he and his ex-wife Katie Chadwick from Marrying Millions valued at?

former mlb star josh hamilton with katie chadwick in 2014
Josh Hamilton and Katie Chadwick together in November 2014. Pic credit: @katiehamilton32/Instagram

Since former MLB All-Star Josh Hamilton and Katie Chadwick Hamilton divorced back in 2015, the two have been on separate paths. Katie Hamilton now stars on the reality series Marrying Millions and is dating 23-year-old Kolton Pierce. Hamilton’s baseball career is over, but he has a major honor in 2019. With the two now apart, it has many people wondering about how much Josh Hamilton’s net worth is and also what his ex-wife Katie Chadwick is worth.

Josh Hamilton’s career & estimated net worth

Josh Hamilton had a baseball career that lasted a decade. While he was originally drafted by the Chicago Cubs back in 2006 and traded to Cincinnati, he ended up with the Rangers in 2008. He spent five seasons there and won the league’s MVP award in 2010. Hamilton also played three seasons with the Angeles before returning to the Rangers for 2016 and 2017.

Unfortunately, a problem with his left knee required surgery. He eventually suffered an injury to his other knee as well and the Rangers released him back in April 2017. According to MLB’s report, the Texas Rangers plan to induct Josh Hamilton into their team’s Hall of Fame prior to a 2019 game against the Minnesota Twins.

Over his playing career, Hamilton’s salary increased almost every year. While he made $396,830 in his first year with the Rangers, that eventually ballooned to over $13 million by the 2012 season. He earned $17M in each of his seasons with the Angeles, and then was getting over $22M when he returned to Texas in 2015. That jumped to $28.41M for each of his final two seasons.

Based on Spotrac numbers, Hamilton’s total earnings over his MLB career are almost $147 million.  Several websites, including The Richest, suggest that Josh Hamilton is worth $50 million, which is likely from any savings, investments, and property he has.

How much is Katie Hamilton of Marrying Millions worth?

Josh Hamilton’s ex-wife has several million dollars too. Back in 2010, he and Katie Chadwick Hamilton were going to appear on the show Real Housewives of Orange County for Season 10. However, the couple’s divorce, Hamilton’s trade to the Rangers, and his relapse changed that.

The two were divorced and Katie received custody of the kids. They have three daughters together, and Katie also has a daughter of her own from a previous relationship.

Now Katie Chadwick Hamilton stars on the docuseries called Marrying Millions which premiered on July 10, 2019. On that show, she is among the six featured couples where one person in the relationship is very rich while the other is not.

She’s currently dating Kolton Pierce, a friend of her oldest daughter, who just happens to be 15 years younger than her. They spoke about the show and their relationship on a recent segment for ABC affiliate WFAA-TV as seen in the video below.

Due to her divorce from Josh Hamilton, she added several million dollars to her bank account.  According to CNW, Katie’s net worth is $10 million, which she also guestimated when talking about herself on the new show. Katie and her former hubby weren’t just focused on using all the money for themselves, either. She and Josh set up a charitable foundation called Triple Play Ministries to build an orphanage in Uganda.

See more details about Katie’s new show at Lifetime. See more of her lifestyle, hobbies, family, and more at her Instagram here.

Marrying Millions airs on Wednesdays at 10/9c on Lifetime. 

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