Marrying Millions: Who has the highest net worth?

When you are watching a reality show like Marrying Millions, with tons of wealthy people, it may be hard to put the amount of money that they have into perspective. The average person can only dream about the lavish lifestyles of the millionaires. Who has the highest net worth on Marrying Millions? According to Cheatsheet,


Katie and Kolton on Marrying Millions: It’s time to come clean to the parents

Kolton Pierce and Katie Hamilton from Marrying Millions have an unusual relationship. After all, it’s not often that one meets their love interest by mingling with their own daughter’s friends. And when the pair come clean to Kolton’s family, how will they react? On the most recent episode of Marrying Millions, Kolton and Katie weren’t


Sean Lourdes net worth: Auge Media heir travels the world, has no budget

Bill Hutchinson may hold the title as the richest man on Marrying Millions but it’s clear that Sean Lourdes is not far behind. After all, he is a third-generation heir to a publishing fortune as the grandson of the founder of Auge Media. Sean currently works as the President of Auge Media and he’s also


Katie Chadwick Hamilton age: How old is Marrying Millions star?

Katie Chadwick Hamilton made her second reality TV debut on the latest Lifetime series, Marrying Millions. She’s the rich half of a fiscally unbalanced couple and while many are wondering about her past TV appearances and former marriage to an MLB star, it turns out others really just want to know how old Katie is.


How did Rosie and Drew meet on Marrying Millions?

Marrying Millions made its debut on Wednesday night and Lifetime viewers got to meet the millionaires and their much poorer companions in what is proving to be a very entertaining show. Naturally, there are several secrets among this new reality TV cast but one of the biggest that everyone wants to know about is how