Katie Chadwick Hamilton age: How old is Marrying Millions star?

Katie Chadwick Hamilton is one of the rich halves on Marrying Millions
Katie Chadwick Hamilton is the rich half of one of the couples on Marrying Millions. Pic credit: Lifetime

Katie Chadwick Hamilton made her second reality TV debut on the latest Lifetime series, Marrying Millions.

She’s the rich half of a fiscally unbalanced couple and while many are wondering about her past TV appearances and former marriage to an MLB star, it turns out others really just want to know how old Katie is.

When it comes to the Marrying Millions couples, Katie’s relationship with Kolton is actually one that has a smaller age gap. While she’s still 14 years older, some of the couples can count multiple decades between them.

While it may not be easy to tell how old Katie Chadwick Hamilton is, she’s actually 37 years old.

She was previously married to MLB star Josh Hamilton and together, they have three daughters.

When Katie and Josh divorced, her net worth increased by several million, allowing the Marrying Millions star to live a very comfortable life.

It was by way of one of her daughters that Katie met Kolton. At just 23 years old, he was initially close friends with Katie’s daughter and the two kept their relationship a secret for months prior to breaking the news while cameras rolled.

Time will tell if Katie and Kolton are serious about each other or if they are seriously enjoying the benefits of dating each other for the time being.

Marrying Millions airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Lifetime. 

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