Marrying Millions exclusive: Rosie dishes on dating Drew, their future plans and her reality TV experience

Rosie and Drew on Marrying Millions
Rosie opens up about the ups and downs of dating Drew. Pic credit: Lifetime

Marrying Millions debuted on Lifetime last month, and ever since, reality TV fanatics have been tuning in each week to see what happens as each of the six couples navigate the ups and downs of a relationship with the added complication that one of them is filthy rich and the other is not.

One of these couples is Rosie and Drew from Ohio. Drew is a business owner with a successful construction and landscaping company. Rosie is 13 years younger than Drew, at just 23 years old.

This age difference is part of the reason her own family doesn’t approve of their relationship.

There’s also the issue of how they met. Though Rosie was hesitant to put it out there, she did admit that the two of them met on an unnamed website for sugar babies and sugar daddies to link up.

While she also said that she didn’t imagine anything would ever come of it, something certainly did because Rosie and Drew have been together since she was in college and now, we’re getting a chance to see their engagement and hopefully, their wedding play out for all to see.

Monsters & Critics got a chance to speak with Rosie exclusively, and we were sure to ask her all about Drew, their future plans and also about the experience of putting it all out there for the consumption of reality TV viewers.

Monsters & Critics: How did you end up being cast on Marrying Millions? Did you apply or did someone contact you? 

Rosie: It’s actually really funny…the producer, when she was casting people, she was looking through social media…Instagram. She was going through the May-December hashtag which is just sort of colloquial for an age gap couple. She found a picture of me and Drew, and then she messaged me on there. She was like, “Hey,  you wanna do this TV show.” So we didn’t really even audition.

M&C: Were you nervous about sharing your relationship and how it evolved with the world? 

Rosie: Umm, I’m actually really confident in my relationship with Drew. I feel that we have a great bond and it’s unshakable. And I know they dramatize everything for TV. I feel like a lot of the drama is really just blown out of proportion. Our relationship is actually really chill.

M&C: Do you watch the show as it airs each week? 

Oh yeah…no. It’s…it comes on very late, and I usually have to work the next day, and I’m like uhh…now I’ll have to tune in to see what crazy things they’re going to have me say this week. Because people will be texting me like “Oh, I can’t believe you just said or did that.”

M&C: What’s something that they’ve texted you about that they could not believe you said on TV?

[Laughing] That Drew deflowered me… My one friend was like, “Oh, I was sitting next to my parents when you said that so, great!”

M&C: Has your relationship with your parents improved? Do you think they’ll ever come around about Drew? 

I send my dad an occasional text. I haven’t spoken to my mom in like two months. But ya know it’s just the way it is. I don’t think they even know what the show is called honestly.

M&C: You don’t think they’re tuning in? 

Rosie: Oh no! My dad doesn’t even know how to use the TV guide; there’s no way they’ve watched it.

M&C: What is the most challenging part of dating someone like Drew? 

People think that if you’re dating a rich person that you get to jet set everywhere. It’s constant fun and parties… But people don’t realize that if you want to make money, you have to work. And he works all the time.

So he’s always very busy. It’s difficult… He really has to go out of his way to make time and go on dates – to enjoy each other’s company.

M&C: What is your favorite thing about him? 

Rosie: His ambition for sure. We actually have a lot in common. We both always have to be moving upward…moving to a new level. A new stage in life, new projects. He has a very dynamic personality, so his energy is just like always all over the place.

M&C: Were you surprised by Drew’s proposal? 

Rosie: I kind of knew it was coming. He definitely dropped some hints because he didn’t want me to be blindsided by the whole thing, but I didn’t know any details about how extravagant and over the top it would be. I know he really wanted to do something special.

M&C: Have you set a wedding date yet?

Rosie: Umm, it’s a little… probably near future. We definitely want to do something soon. Mostly for the health benefits… [giggling]

M&C: What are your future plans? Do you want kids with Drew? 

Rosie: Uh, Drew is not a kid person, and I was on the fence before, but he really drew me to the dark side. We’re really about rescuing dogs. We want to put all our energy into that.

I guess Drew already has all the fun of semi raising a child already through me. Like, he taught me how to drive. He helped me get my life together…

I didn’t have my license when I met home, so on our second date, he took me to the Wal-Mart parking lot and taught me maneuverability in his Benz. Yeah, so I practiced maneuverability in a $70,000 Benz from a guy that I had literally met twice.

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