How did Rosie and Drew meet on Marrying Millions?

Drew and Rosie on Marrying Millions
Drew is much older and richer than Rosie and they are in love, but can they get her parents on board? Pic credit: Lifetime

Marrying Millions made its debut on Wednesday night and Lifetime viewers got to meet the millionaires and their much poorer companions in what is proving to be a very entertaining show.

Naturally, there are several secrets among this new reality TV cast but one of the biggest that everyone wants to know about is how Rosie and Drew met.

During her introduction, Rosie, a 23-year old college graduate who still lives at home, makes it clear that her family and friends do not approve of her boyfriend Drew or their relationship. She teases that if they knew how they met, things would be even worse.

Rosie thinks that her family looks at Drew as a rich guy who just wants a young, hot girlfriend. And while she certainly fills that young, hot girlfriend role, it’s not like she isn’t benefitting quite a bit from their relationship.

She’s not shy about how much dating Drew has helped her out. Rosie goes on about how he’ll buy anything she wants including “a pair of shoes or twelve.” During her introduction, she even goes so far as to say that she hopes she doesn’t have to go back to being broke and that she’s hoping to marry Drew.

Of all the couples introduced on Marrying Millions, Rosie and Drew seem the most likely to be exposed for being all about the money. At one point, Rosie even said, “Come through, Daddy Drew!” while talking about how much he buys for her and spoils her.

So how could this couple have possibly met that her family won’t approve of? While Rosie didn’t reveal those details (and we’re hoping she does soon), that hasn’t stopped the curiosity and speculation.

What we do know is that Rosie and Drew met while she was still in college. At one point on the Marrying Millions premiere, he commented that it was easier to spend time together when she was in college but now that she’s living at home, it’s just not that easy.

When Drew was digging about why Rosie’s parents might hate him, she revealed that he “deflowered” her.

Where could a couple like Rosie and Drew meet? Was it through a Sugar Daddy service, like a website? After all, she clearly was looking for a rich man so it might not be too far-fetched. Whatever this secret is, Rosie thinks that if the information gets out, her parents will never approve of her relationship and they already don’t like Drew.

Drew admits that his life is “not conventional” but that it is “super cool.” We can only speculate that Rosie and Drew met in a very unconventional way and we can’t wait to find out exactly how.

Marrying Millions airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Lifetime. 

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