Emilio Lourdes on Marrying Millions: Sean and Megan seek Auge Publishing Co. retired executive’s blessing for their marriage

Emilio Lourdes on Marrying Millions
On Marrying Millions, Sean and Katie ask Emilio to allow them to get married. Pic credit: Lifetime

Sean Lourdes is a third-generation publishing heir worth $30 million due to the success of his family’s Auge Publishing Co., which has been around for 60 years now.

While he’s found love with Megan and they even have a child together, the Marrying Millions couple are not married yet. Sean’s father, Emilio Lourdes, forbids it.

As the son of the Auge Publishing Co. founder, Emilio Lourdes was already burned when he divorced Sean’s mother. He has made it very clear that with their fortune, there is no need to get legally married. In their family, marriage is seen as a legally binding contract and not as a way to show love and commitment.

Sean and Megan are talking about having more kids. However, she insists she won’t have another until she and Sean are married, something his father told him never to do.

When the Marrying Millions couple meets up with Emilio to earn his blessing, he dug his heels in at even the thought of getting married. He told his son that if he does marry Megan, he needs to have her sign a prenup.

Emilio questions Megan’s intentions and doesn’t trust her not to divorce Sean and take half of everything.

As explained on Marrying Millions, Sean and his dad are especially close. After Emilio and Sean’s mom divorced, the two spent quite a bit of time together traveling the world.

While Emilio has a new “wife” now, even after years together, they have not formally married.

Sean is terrified to even ask for his dad to accept his upcoming marriage to Megan. In a former relationship, Emilio wrote him off and cut him off from the family fortune, forcing him to get back in his dad’s good graces.

Will Emilio Lourdes ever give his blessing for Sean and Megan to tie the knot?

Marrying Millions airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Lifetime. 

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