Dallas socialite Kathleen Hutchinson offers advice to Briana Ramirez, drops a bomb about Bill Hutchinson

Kathleen Hutchinson from Dallas on Marrying Millions
Bill Hutchinson’s ex-wife offers up advice to his much younger girlfriend. Pic credit: Lifetime

Bill Hutchinson and his much younger girlfriend Briana Ramirez have quickly become the stars of Lifetime’s newest series Marrying Millions.

Viewers have watched as Briana tries to prove to the Dallas socialites who Bill regularly rubs elbows with that she is worthy but just keeps coming up short.

Really wanting to bring Briana along to social events, Bill enlists the help of one of those Dallas socialites to give his 21-year-old girlfriend some pointers to make her more comfortable at these events.

That socialite just happens to be his ex-wife and the mother of his three children Kathleen Hutchinson.

When Kathleen and Briana meet up, both of them reveal that Bill said they should sit down together and chat, so that is exactly what they are doing.

Neither of them question how weird it is for his ex-wife to be giving his current girlfriend pointers on how to better fit in with his much older and wealthier friends.

However, when Briana starts to complain about how none of the Dallas socialites at these functions want to give her a chance and how they all keep looking at her funny, Kathleen offers up some advice that Bill Hutchinson probably would have preferred she keep to herself.

Kathleen Hutchinson explained that part of the reason Briana is having trouble with the other women and even the men is due to her age.

After all, at 40 years younger than Bill, she’s young enough to be his granddaughter.  To add insult to injury, Kathleen said he looked old enough to be her great grandfather!

And while that was the last thing Briana wanted to hear, Kathleen certainly is right. Bill is way older than Briana and naturally, that is going to turn some heads and elicit some stares. That’s something she probably should just get used to.

The other part of the problem, at least according to Bill’s ex-wife is that the others all “know how Bill is.” When Briana asks for clarification, Kathleen makes it clear that Bill is a cheater and as far as his friends are concerned, they probably think she’s just his flavor of the moment.

Then, Kathleen drops the bomb. She tells Briana that Bill was on a date just last week!

While Kathleen says that’s something Briana should just know so that she can protect herself, Briana claims that cheating is not acceptable no matter how rich Bill is and no matter how much they love each other.

Is love enough to keep him faithful to his girlfriend or can this old dog be taught a new trick?

Also, once Bill Hutchinson finds out exactly what his ex-wife Kathleen told Briana, is he going to be mad? This could get real interesting.

Marrying Millions airs Wednesday nights at 10/9c on Lifetime. 

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