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Josh Gates investigates Tayos Cave and the Metal Library on Expedition Unknown

Tayos Cave
Tayos Cave has become the subject of various expedition including one with astronaut Neil Armstrong!

This week on Expedition Unknown, Josh Gates and the team are headed to Ecuador where they explore Tayos Cave looking for relics from an ancient civilisation.

Cueva de los Tayos de Coangos, meaning Cave of the Oilbirds in Spanish, lies in high rainforest around 539m above sea level and includes over 4 km of passageways and shafts, including a chamber that is 90 meters by 240 meters.

The local Shaur Indians have used the caves as a source of fledgling tayos for many years, but it’s not these little birds that have drawn other adventurers.

Map showing the location of Tayos Cave
The cave is situation near the Santiago and Coangos Rivers

Rumors of gold and other treasures have lured many people and expeditions to the cave complex. Erich von Däniken wrote in his 1973 book The Gold of the Gods that back in the 1960s János Juan Móricz had explored the cave and found gold. He also claimed to have found a strange metallic library with strange plates that some have claimed could not have been made by humans without help.

What time is the episode of Expedition Unknown about the Metal Library of Tayos Cave on TV?

Expedition Unknown airs on Wednesday at 9:00 PM on Travel Channel.

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