Expedition Unknown rewind tonight: Dead Sea Scrolls revisited in special two-hour event

Expedition Unknown is on tonight at the regular time, but there is no new episode. Discovery is rewinding a previously aired episode on Josh’s investigations of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Fans can relive Gates’s exploration in a two-hour airing tonight featuring the Dead Sea Scrolls from 8-10 p.m. ET/PT. Hungry for more insider details on


Expedition Unknown exclusive: Retracing Flight 19 long lost in the Bermuda Triangle

On tonight’s can’t-miss Expedition Unknown on Discovery, Josh Gates follows the path of missing Flight 19, lost at sea in the infamous Bermuda Triangle. Last week we dived with Gates in the gorgeous waters of the Triangle as he and fellow researchers came across the sunken remains of a sunken ship. Gates continues his reporting


Who is Boudica the warrior queen as seen on Expedition Unknown?

Who is Boudica, the warrior queen seen on Expedition Unknown last night? She was a fierce leader, a woman stripped of her place and wealth and whose daughters were raped by Romans after her husband King Prasutagus’ death. Ultimately she became the leader of her people and waged war against the Romans in southeastern England.