Expedition Unknown exclusive: Josh Gates on survival, mysterious origins of human life preview

The moment Josh Gates hears from an expert that the specimen is not of human origin
The moment Josh Gates hears from an expert that the specimen is not of human origin. Pic credit: Discovery

We have a powerful new and exclusive sneak peek for tomorrow’s episode of Expedition Unknown on Discovery.

In this expansive, two-part investigation, Josh Gates travels the globe attempting to solve the most fundamental mystery of all — humanity’s origins.

How did we survive to the modern day? And what does that mean for our future?  Can we sustain human life satisfactorily as we mushroom in population on this planet?

Humanity: Ancient Aliens meets Earth’s biosphere?

Humanity’s origin story is the first chapter of your biography story, says Gates. The explorer travels across Africa and consults with experts, some who posit that “non-human” evidence is real.

This teases the notion that we might have to start taking some stock in Erich von Däniken’s Ancient Aliens theories that are popularized on another reality TV series, Ancient Aliens.

Josh is no stranger to presenting big ideas and fleshing them out in two-parter episodes, this being a big subject and one that requires a lot of expert input and analysis.

In a New York Post (via The Sun) news report today, Scientists at the SETI Institute, an organization dedicated to tracking extraterrestrial intelligence, are developing state-of-the-art techniques to detect signatures from space that indicate the possibility of extraterrestrial existence.

The report states:

These so-called “technosignatures” can range from the chemical composition of a planet’s atmosphere, to laser emissions, to structures orbiting other stars, among others, they said. Dr. Tony Beasley, director of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) telescope based in Virginia said: “Determining whether we are alone in the universe as technologically capable life is among the most compelling questions in science.” SETI scientists plan to develop a system that will “piggyback” on the Very Large Array (VLA) telescope based in Mexico and provide data to their technosignature search system.

Beasley added: “As the VLA conducts its usual scientific observations, this new system will allow for an additional and important use for the data we’re already collecting.”

Life forms, specifically human and their origins are what Gates and his team of experts aim to trace as far back as they can to determine if human life was organic to the earth, or had some celestial interference along the way.

Exclusive preview of Expedition Unknown

Gates takes us to Africa as he says in a voice-over: “Humanity’s origins story is the first chapter of your biography and it’s being rewritten at this very moment. Join me on an epic global quest to meet our ancient relatives face to face and learn their long-forgotten secrets, secrets that might just save our future.”

Tune in to have your mind blown with Gates!

Expedition Unknown airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Discovery Channel.

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