Jolene MacIntyre from Bad Chad Customs: Age, bio and all you need to know

Bad Chad Customs
Jolene MacIntyre observes the Zephyr concept build inside the shop on Bad Chad Customs. Pic credit: Discovery

Bad Chad Customs is Discovery’s breakout car chop series from Canada. The series shows how star Chad Hiltz can use odds and ends of scrap metal and other items to creatively fashion them into usable and good looking rebuilds for his cool rigs.

However, the person many fans are asking about is his fiancee, Jolene MacIntyre, age 29, who manages his shop and is part of the action too!

We asked Discovery and Jolene, just who the heck is Jolene — Mr. Hiltz’s biggest fan and the reason he became so famous.

Lucky for us, she was game.

Jolene wrote to us: “I had just graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce when I began dating Chad. Things just fell into place and I began developing the business and our social media presence.”

“I spent a year investing my time in self-promoting what Chad does here. When Chad started building me a replica of the $40 million dollar Bugatti that Ralph Lauren owns I wanted the world to see how remarkable it was.”

“I filmed the entire thing on my phone. I produced and posted a video every Friday on our Facebook page showing the progress of the build. We started gaining more and more followers and there was a strong hype around the car.”

Noting the Canning, Nova Scotia shop is now being sought as a landmark for tourists to visit, she uses her Facebook page to promote the shop, she adds: “Our hope was to find and attract new customers who were interested in building a one-off car. And it’s worked!”

Bad Chad Customs
Chad and Jolene. Pic credit: Jolene Macintyre/Facebook

“Social media is a very powerful tool. As for inside the shop, I keep everything in line logistically. If I’m not crunching numbers or budgets I’m getting my hands dirty helping wherever I can. It’s been a very busy and successful year for our shop. We’re hoping to finish my Bugatti on season 2! I want it to be our wedding car! Like Chad always says… ‘it’s my dream and I’ll make it as big as I want to.”

Jolene MacIntyre

Bad Chad Customs is the network’s newest reality show, following the custom works of car artist Chad Hiltz (Bad Chad) as he fashions utter masterpieces out of scrap cars at his shop, Green Goblin Customs.

Chad is originally from Kingsport, Nova Scotia, Canda, and moved to his new home in Canning, Nova Scotia. It is here that he created Green Goblin Customs and it is the same location where Bad Chad Customs is primarily filmed.

The show also travels to other locations in Canada and the United States where Chad picks up beat-up cars to customize.

Bad Chad Customs hopefully will have news of a season two pick-up announcement at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour in Pasadena.

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Crough Brian
Crough Brian
3 years ago

Hey man I dig the show Big time , Beautiful rides with crazy imagination into everyone you create . I live just outside Kingston Ontario and plan on taking my young’ girls and wife to come meet you all . Hopefully will get you to build a low rider, I have basic design and rest is up to you , talk to ya later , Brian Crough