Jolene MacIntyre from Bad Chad Customs: Age, bio and all you need to know

Bad Chad Customs is Discovery’s breakout car chop series from Canada. The series shows how star Chad Hiltz can use odds and ends of scrap metal and other items to creatively fashion them into usable and good looking rebuilds for his cool rigs. However, the person many fans are asking about is his fiancee, Jolene

Bad Chad Customs exclusive: This build really is ‘off the wall’

On tonight’s Bad Chad Customs, Canadian ingenuity is on display at its finest as Chad strips his wall of decor and mounts a headlamp bar on a build. Removing the headlamps from his garage wall, he says, “I take stuff right off the wall, make it work.” He puts a headlamp mount on the front

See Bad Chad Customs cut a car right in half in this sneak peek

On the next episode of Bad Chad Customs, we see first-hand how Canadian ingenuity is on display at its finest. Sometimes a lack of money forces your hand to think bigger and outside that proverbial box. Chad has built a business on a lack of funds and resources and that has not slowed him down

Bad Chad Customs: Where is the garage on Discovery show located?

Bad Chad Customs is the real-life series about a Canadian badass who melds and shapes metal to his liking and makes sure there’s a souped-up race engine to take it down the road. The show features Colton Hiltz, Chad Hiltz, Jolene MacIntyre, Alex Rand, and Alex Gould. But American fans want to know, where can