See Bad Chad Customs cut a car right in half in this sneak peek

On the next episode of Bad Chad Customs, we see first-hand how Canadian ingenuity is on display at its finest.

Sometimes a lack of money forces your hand to think bigger and outside that proverbial box. Chad has built a business on a lack of funds and resources and that has not slowed him down a bit, as witnessed by our exclusive clip!

Here Chad explains what’s happening to his son, as masking tape marks the cut line. Pic credit: Discovery

On tonight’s episode of Bad Chad Customs, the car king of Canning, Nova Scotia, Chad Hiltz, is up to some serious welding technique.

It involves his idea to create a custom build but first, he needs to cut an old car chassis in half, and he brings his son Colton into the task.

He uses simple cutting tools and masking tape to mark the line.

Chad shows Colton where to mark the car with tape for the cut. Pic credit: Discovery

Chad explains his rules for the shop and how he approaches his artform.

He says: “I like to make decisions on the fly on a build. There is no rules here we just do what we do and make it work.”

Bad Chad Customs debuted and it is a ratings bonanza on Discovery Channel.

The show is about Hiltz’s unique business, a lower-budget upcycling styled approach to creating custom cars with available materials and scrap metal.

Hiltz’s hand-built shop in Canning, Nova Scotia is a dream come true for tinkerers and wanna-be custom builders, but this is no high-end affair like Danny Koker’s Counting Cars where well-heeled folks get the moon delivered on four wheels.

No sir. Chad tells us in the clip he has what he has, and the tools are not as varied or plentiful as a big garage, but with simple masking tape and a vision of what he wants, they get that old car cut in half.

Hiltz aka “Bad Chad” uses his imagination, he’s driven to design and can see possibilities others cannot. His shop is relatively isolated and this has forced his hand to be creative.

Tonight you will see exactly how simple tools and a willingness to make it happen work as the car is bisected and no one gets hurt.

Bad Chad Customs is all about this master builder and his team who spin gold from cast-off junkyard scrap. It’s very cool.

Chad Hiltz is joined by his fiancé Jolene, son Colton, builder Aaron ( yet another famous car builder Aaron on Discovery is Aaron Kaufman of Shifting Gears), and mechanic Alex – Chad has used things like kitchen cabinet door knobs and chicken wire to create some truly beautiful cars.

Tune in tonight to see what he does with this cut in half car and what new vehicle he plans to create from its shell.

Also, if you are interested in a road trip, we can help you visit this gorgeous maritime island off Canada where his shop is, visit here.

Bad Chad Customs airs on Tuesdays at 10/9c on Discovery.


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