Bad Chad Customs exclusive: This build really is ‘off the wall’

Bad Chad Hiltz amazes us with his builds. Pic credit: Discovery

On tonight’s Bad Chad Customs, Canadian ingenuity is on display at its finest as Chad strips his wall of decor and mounts a headlamp bar on a build.

Removing the headlamps from his garage wall, he says, “I take stuff right off the wall, make it work.”

He puts a headlamp mount on the front of an old car and tries to figure out how to connect it to the wheel so that the lights actually run with the driver’s steering wheel motions.

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His garage mechanic, Alex, says, “Put a bracket on here, bring it up, and then bolt the headlights right there. And then when the wheel turns the headlight turns, it turns with the wheel.”

“I want to do that now,” says Chad, determined to make it all happen.

In a separate shot and sitting alone talking to the cameras, he says, “I don’t see roadblocks; I see opportunities to change and make something different. How can I solve this problem and make this truck look cooler? That’s an opportunity.”

Admiring his engineering skills, Chad is holding the right front tire as he says, “They are going to love this thing, I know… see the headlights turn, eh? Slickity dick, eh? They call that tricky Ricky!”

We think that’s Canadian speak for, “Awesome job, guys!”

The new Discovery car show features Colton Hiltz, Chad Hiltz, Jolene MacIntyre, Alex Rand, and Alex Gould.

In Canning, Nova Scotia, a small, hand-built shop is where Chad Hiltz, aka “Bad Chad,” performs magic on cars and other vehicles.

Bad Chad’s one-of-a-kind creations are born of his vivid imagination, a mind in overdrive, and a can-do spirit that inspires many people.

A bit removed from the mainland, Chad is isolated with few big-city resources and without a ton of extra cash. But his calling card of creativity and final product have earned him a TV series, and he amazes his fans and clients with his creative and resourceful tenacity to get the job done.

Using basic tools and his mind, Bad Chad can “MacGyver” anything into a custom car build. Parts from a plane, a boat, any old scrap metal — even chicken wire — will do.

The town of canning, Nova Scotia, is where the action happens. To learn more, read our feature about where the show is filmed!

Bad Chad Customs airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Discovery.

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