Chad Johnson’s girlfriend Annalise Mishler speaks out revealing her dark life behind the scenes

Chad Johnson
Chad Johnson’s girlfriend is speaking out against him. Pic credit: ABC

Chad Johnson appeared on both The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise before he stopped appearing on ABC.

During his stint on Bachelor In Paradise, he showed violent tendencies, and Chris Harrison decided to send him home, as the actions went against his contract.

Since then, Chad has tried to make money the best way possible and using his reality stint as a platform.

He recently made headlines when his girlfriend Annalise Mishler shared an Instagram video of him trying to break into her apartment.

Chad was arrested for domestic violence and spent time in a hospital.

Chad Johnson’s girlfriend reveals the dark side of dating him

Now, Annalise is speaking out about living with Chad. She spoke to Domenick Nati, and she shared the dark side of being with Johnson.

Just a warning before listening to the clip or reading the article — there are graphic sexual details about their relationship that may not be suited for everyone.

During the interview, Annalise reveals she felt uncomfortable at times during their relationship when it came to sex. Chad supposedly forced to her please him while she was recovering from uterus surgery.

She also explains that Chad doesn’t like to talk about his sexuality, but he likes to have a finger in his anus during sex as well.

In terms of their work, Annalise reveals he changed their OnlyFans password and took all of the money out and placed it in his bank account.

In a previous interview, Chad said that they were splitting the money.

Mishler said he was drunk at the time when he took the money out of the account. She then reveals that he’s broke, and he’s never had money.

Mishler explained that Chad supposedly kept all the money from the Battle of the Bachelors’ boxing match to himself.

After his arrest, Chad said his drinking was bad, and he wanted to quit. But Annalise claims that he’s still drinking and he goes on benders. She claims he’s drunk all the time.

He reportedly has a breathalyzer and blows upwards of 0.40.

Mishler then added that he also takes steroids, and she doesn’t know how he’s still alive.

At the moment, she claims he violated his protective order and could serve six months if it is proven.

You can listen to the interview here.

Chad Johnson has big plans for his new career

It was in mid-March that Chad revealed his plans to share sex videos online for a subscription charge. Chad revealed he had made money from fans but hadn’t actually had sex on camera.

At the time, he claimed he had made thousands of dollars from his videos. Then, he recently shared his plans to move to Las Vegas and buy a porn palace.

Annalise claims that he doesn’t have the money to buy a house in Las Vegas, but she dropped the bomb that it took him weeks to pay back the $1,200 for her phone that she broke.

Bachelor In Paradise is currently on hiatus.

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Sue Shully
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