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Chad Johnson admits he and Annalise are exploring sharing sex videos online for money

Chad Johnson
Chad Johnson just dropped a bomb about his relationship. Pic credit: ABC

Chad Johnson, a former Bachelor In Paradise contestant, is going through a strange phase in his life.

He was arrested a few weeks ago for trying to break into his girlfriend Annalise Mishler’s apartment while intoxicated.

Chad was then hospitalized briefly because his friends thought he was suicidal.

However, the arrest and the hospitalization are just the tips of the iceberg when it comes to Chad’s future plans.

Not only is he back together with Annalise after their altercation, but he also just dropped a big bomb about how they are making money.

Chad Johnson admits he and Annalise are venturing into porn

Chad sat down with Dom Nati for a chat about everything that had gone down. In the interview, Chad confirms that he is indeed back together with Annalise, even though she doesn’t want to admit it.

Initially, he was angry about her publishing the video of him trying to break into her apartment. He now reveals he wanted her to call the cops or even a friend.

Despite the anger towards her, they are trying something new. In the interview, Chad admits to having already done a few sex tapes with Annalise, so they may as well make money from it.

Johnson explains that he makes money from his OnlyFans account, and she does as well with her account. Now, they’ve created an account together, where fans can watch them cuddle, watch movies together, and do all kinds of things.

When Domi clarifies his comment, asking if he’s talking about porn, Chad confirms.

He admits that they are getting together almost daily to shoot some stuff and that it has become a consistent daily thing for them. Chad jokes that people may be able to request things they can do, and people can pay for it.

When Dom tries to get him to clarify, he doesn’t provide an example.

You can listen to the interview below.

Chad Johnson admits things got crazy before his arrest

During the interview, Chad admits that things got crazy and that his actions were irrational before his arrest. But it appears she has forgiven him.

Chad and Annalise were spotted together this week, holding hands and going out on what appeared to be a date. This happened at the same time that he was slapped with six new charges related to the domestic violence case.

Chad was originally arrested for domestic violence and robbery after he tried to break into Annalise’s apartment. She documented everything on social media, inviting the world into their relationship.

Bachelor In Paradise returns this summer.

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