Is Oliver Platt leaving Chicago Med as Dr. Charles? Casting changes coming to show

Oliver Platt as Dr. Charles on Season 4, episode 20 of Chicago Med
A clue from a recent episode of Chicago Med has viewers worried that Dr. Charles may be leaving. Pic credit: NBC

Oliver Platt’s time on the Chicago Med cast as Dr. Charles is being questioned by some viewers. The Chicago Med preview for the May 15 episode puts the character in a tough situation.

As part of the Chicago Med cast, Platt plays Dr. Daniel Charles, the chief of the psychiatry department at the hospital. He is usually an important component of episodes that deal with a psychological plot point.

During the May 8 episode, Dr. Charles was front and center as the doctors at the hospital tried to save two women who had attempted suicide. It raised ethical dilemmas with what the doctors could or should do to try to save the patients from themselves.

Is Oliver Platt leaving Chicago Med as Dr. Charles?

Shown above is a typical scene that Dr. Charles is involved with during an episode of Chicago Med. The character has not had an easy time on the show, nor has people who have worked directly for him in the first four seasons.

At the end of the May 8 episode, scenes from the rest of the season were hinted at by the writers and producers. In one of them, Carolina Charles (Paula Newsome) was seen in a scene with him stating, “you’re resigning from Med.”

That scene led to some obvious questions from viewers who fear that Platt is now leaving the show. The description from NBC about the May 15 episode also states that based on some news that Caroline has to share, Dr. Charles is forced to make a serious decision about their relationship.

On the surface, it appears that the character of Dr. Charles is being forced into a position to walk away from his job if he wants to go live with Caroline in Minneapolis. It doesn’t appear that Oliver Platt is leaving the Chicago Med cast though, so this may be a red herring for viewers.

Previous Chicago Med spoilers do reveal that a casting change is coming to the show for any readers that want to take a look ahead.

Chicago Med airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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