Is Emily Wickersham pregnant? NCIS fans want to know

Bishop And Gibbs
Emily Wickersham as Bishop and Mark Harmon as Gibbs on NCIS cast. Pic credit: CBS

A lot of NCIS fans were searching Google about Emily Wickersham being pregnant as the March 31 episode came to a close.

Something from the episode got viewers thinking about it being possible. Still, most of the episode was actually about characters played by Brian Dietzen (he plays Jimmy Palmer) and Diona Reasonover (she plays Kasie Hines).

On the NCIS cast, Emily Wickersham plays NCIS Special Agent Eleanor “Ellie” Bishop. She is still relatively new to the cast, having stepped into a role that was vacated by Cote de Pablo.

When Special Agent Ziva Davis faked her own death and went into hiding, the NCIS team had to add some new blood — leading to Bishop becoming a big part of the team.

Over the years, Bishop has now become a significant part of the show, even though it doesn’t seem like she always gets a lot of episodes in which to show what she can do.

Is Emily Wickersham pregnant?

As far as we know, Emily Wickersham is not pregnant. She has not made any announcement or hinted about that being the case on her social media accounts.

In fact, the image that she posted to display social distancing on Instagram (shared below) suggests that she definitely isn’t far along in a pregnancy.

At this time, we are going to jump to the conclusion that Emily Wickersham is not pregnant.

NCIS Season 17 comes to an end

The production of Season 17 NCIS episodes had to be halted, meaning the season finale is coming up much quicker than fans would have preferred.

Next week, the show is airing a repeat episode on Tuesday night, so don’t expect anything new on April 7. That’s going to make a few (or more) fans a bit disappointed in the CBS schedule.

The NCIS season finale airs on Tuesday, April 14, and then the long summer hiatus begins. That’s a great reason for viewers to make sure to tune in, especially with the season concluding much earlier than normal.

As for NCIS Season 18, CBS hasn’t released any concrete information about it yet. We still don’t know if the show is getting renewed or canceled, even though we feel it is safe to guess that it will come back in fall 2020.

There is still time to re-watch some of the great episodes of Season 17 before the NCIS season finale airs on CBS.

NCIS airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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