NCIS halts production on Season 17 episodes due to coronavirus

NCIS Cast New 2
Wilmer Valderrama as Agent Torres and Sean Murray as Agent McGee on NCIS cast. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS Season 17 is going to come to an abrupt end for viewers of the show.

On Tuesday night, CBS aired Episode 17 of the current season, which was called “In a Nutshell.”

This was the first episode in the month of March, but also marked the beginning of another hiatus before the next new episode.

Ahead of the next new one arriving, though, some bad news has come from the cast and production team of the show.

NCIS season finale coming up quickly

Actor Brian Dietzen — who plays Dr. Palmer on the NCIS cast — just posted to Twitter that they won’t fulfill the order of 24 episodes for Season 17.

As indicated in the post below, this means that there are only three episodes left to air on CBS during the current season.

Season 17, Episode 18 is called “Schooled” and it will air on March 24. After that, though, there are only two episodes left in Season 17.

CBS released the following synopsis for the March 24 episode:

“The team searches for answers when the body of a well-regarded Navy technician in the Reserves is found floating in a lake where a popular community event is being held. Also, Sloane is caught off-guard when her daughter, Faith (Kate Hamilton), makes an unexpected request.”

It will be fun to have actress Kate Hamilton back on the show for the episode, especially since a future appearance was hinted at during the Valentine’s Day episode earlier this season.

Episode 400 to come in Season 18

NCIS was quickly racing toward Episode 400, but it now appears that they will need a Season 18 in order to make that happen.

A renewal announcement has not been made by CBS and producers, though, so we don’t have a confirmation that NCIS is even going to return for Season 18 in the fall.

If we have to make a guess, we are going to project that the network should bring the show back for another year. The ratings are still strong, fans are still tuning in each week, and the show is still a big draw for CBS.

It’s coming up on the time of the year where renewal announcements are made by networks, but with the current state of the industry, we may not hear about renewals under later this spring.

While we all wait for the final three episodes of NCIS Season 17, CBS is going to give viewers a treat with two new episodes of NCIS: New Orleans on March 15.

NCIS airs Tuesday night at 8/7 on CBS.

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