NCIS: New Orleans to air two new episodes on Sunday night

Agent Carter is becoming an important part of NCIS: NOLA cast. Pic credit: CBS

Fans of NCIS: New Orleans are in for a treat as CBS will be airing two new episodes of the show on Sunday, March 15.

The night will start out with a new episode of God Friended Me at 8/7c on CBS. Then, the network will air back-to-back episodes of NCIS: New Orleans.

This block of NCIS: NOLA does mean that NCIS: Los Angeles is not on this week, but at least there are still two hours of NCIS spin-offs for CBS viewers to enjoy.

NCIS: New Orleans Season 6, Episode 15

During the first hour on March 15, NCIS Special Agent Tammy Gregorio (played by Vanessa Ferlito) is going to be showcased. So will one of the guest stars who will pop up for the new installment.

CBS has released a synopsis for the episode called “Relentless” and it reads as follows:

“Tammy must protect Rachel (Lillian Carrier), a research-obsessed teenage girl, after her father is shot in their home, while the rest of the team searches for a motive.”

NCIS: New Orleans Season 6, Episode 16

There is a twist within the second episode of the night, where someone pretending to be Christopher Lasalle is going to appear. Sorry folks, we won’t get to see Lucas Black return for the part, but it could be quite interesting.

CBS also released a synopsis for this new episode, which is called “Pride and Prejudice,” and it is shared below:

“When a man impersonating Lasalle attempts to free a young woman from jail, the team investigates both the imposter and the prisoner. Also, Pride’s daughter pays him a surprise visit.”

There are a lot of interesting takeaways from the March 15 episodes of NCIS: New Orleans. It includes the fact that Special Agent Quentin Carter — who is now played by Charles Michael Davis on the NCIS: New Orleans cast — will be taking part in both cases.

The first impressions that Agent Carter left with viewers weren’t all that glowing, but it may have been an intentional facet of the writing for the new character. We will all have to tune in to find out if he is going to continue to be as standoffish as he was in his first episode.

Make sure to tune in beginning at 9/8c on Sunday night, which is an hour earlier than NOLA fans would be watching CBS. But, for viewers who normally watch NCIS: Los Angeles on Sundays, it might not change much.

NCIS: New Orleans typically airs new episodes Sunday nights at 10/9c on CBS.

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Jeri Kay
Jeri Kay
4 years ago

What a pleasant surprise to see David Selby again after him playing Quentin in the old daytime soap Dark Shadows.