Inside Wheel of Fortune multi-millionaire Vanna White’s frugal lifestyle: ‘She’s not frilly or lavish’

vanna white 18th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball at the Private Residence
Vanna isn’t a big spender despite her multi-millionaire status. Pic credit: ©

Vanna White might be a multi-millionaire, but the Wheel of Fortune star prefers to live a simple life.

The 67-year-old letter-turner has earned a fortune on television in the last four decades, but sources close to the Wheel of Fortune icon say that Vanna doesn’t like to flaunt her wealth.

A tipster spoke with Closer Weekly, revealing that Vanna is anything but fancy when spending her hard-earned cash.

“You don’t see her on the Hollywood scene going to parties and premieres,” the source told the outlet.

“She prefers to stay home and cook for her family and have date nights in with her boyfriend, [John Donaldson],” the source added.

Vanna isn’t “frilly or lavish,” the insider stated. They also revealed that the TV legend prefers jeans and t-shirts to expensive ensembles.

“She gets her TV wardrobe from the show and could easily finagle taking a few home, but she doesn’t feel the need,” they added.

Vanna remembers her humble beginnings in Hollywood

Vanna’s upbringing has a lot to do with her thrifty ways.

Before she struck it rich in Hollywood, the former model struggled to make it big.

In her early years as an aspiring star, Vanna couldn’t afford to furnish her apartment, and her humble beginnings have stuck with her.

These days, Vanna prefers to spend her hard-earned cash on “practical things,” says the source.

Vanna has amassed millions since making it big

Although she chooses not to, Vanna could afford to live a much more extravagant life, given her $3 million annual salary and $85 million net worth!

Vanna has contributed to her wealth through co-hosting Wheel of Fortune and other business ventures.

The beloved TV star has invested in real estate, is a published author, and is a businesswoman.

Vanna owns her line of yarn, Vanna’s Choice® Yarn, sold by Lion Brand®, and her likeness has been licensed for use on slot machines, further adding to her riches.

In addition to being a penny pincher with her expenditures, Vanna likes to share her wealth.

She regularly contributes to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a charity she considers “near and dear” to her heart.

Vanna donates half of all her yarn proceeds to the charity, and as of 2016, had donated more than $1.7 million total.

Thanks to a contract extension with Sony Pictures Television, Vanna can expect to add millions more to her net worth in the coming year

Vanna will work alongside her new co-host, Ryan Seacrest, this September, following her longtime sidekick Pat Sajak’s retirement in June 2024.

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