Vanna White thinks she ‘made a mistake’ staying on Wheel of Fortune with Ryan Seacrest

vanna white on the purple carpet in los angeles, CA
Vanna is thinking twice about her decision to stay on Wheel of Fortune and work alongside Ryan Seacrest, says an insider. Pic credit: ©

Vanna White may be regretting her decision to stay on board at Wheel of Fortune.

The 67-year-old letter-turner has been an integral part of Wheel of Fortune for more than four decades.

Vanna formed a close bond with her former co-host, Pat Sajak, throughout their tenure on the weeknight game show, so his retirement was a tough pill for her to swallow.

Soon after Pat announced his retirement, his replacement, Ryan Seacrest, was revealed.

Wheel watchers were unsure how to feel about the new coupling, and apparently, so was Vanna.

A source recently spoke with Closer Weekly and dished on Vanna’s feelings toward her future co-host, Ryan.

Vanna White says her relationship with Ryan Seacrest feels ‘forced’

“Vanna isn’t a huge fan of Ryan so far,” the Wheel of Fortune insider claimed.

“It’s not that she doesn’t like him, but her chemistry with Pat Sajak was much more natural,” they continued.

“With Ryan, it feels forced, and she doesn’t want loyal viewers and her longtime fans to pick up on that.”

Once Pat retired, Vanna was torn about staying on Wheel of Fortune, but ultimately, she decided to stay on board and extend her contract with Sony Pictures Television through 2025.

But now, Vanna is reportedly having second thoughts about her decision to stay.

“Now she’s starting to think she may have made a mistake by staying,” the insider added. “Hopefully, she and Ryan will end up having a great rapport, and this will all blow over.”

Despite the gossip about Vanna and Ryan’s strained work relationship, the duo has put on a united front on social media.

Ryan is looking forward to working with Vanna despite how she feels about working with him

In previews for Season 42 of Wheel of Fortune on Instagram and YouTube, Vanna and Ryan seem to get along just fine, and it looks as though Ryan is comfortable in his new position.

In one recent Wheel of Fortune Reel on Instagram, Ryan looked excited about working alongside Vanna, admitting, “I’m ready!

Off-camera, Ryan has made it clear as well that he is looking forward to working with a fellow TV legend.

“Of course, being next to Vanna, she’s a legend. She’s an icon,” Ryan told E! News in December 2023.

“We spent a little time shooting some promos for next season, and she’s just so down to Earth. She’s exactly what you would expect.”

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