Here’s why Teresa Giudice thinks her husband and LIVE’s Mark Consuelos could be cousins

Teresa Giudice and Mark Consuelos at different events
Teresa Giudice was on LIVE to promote RHONJ and said her husband and Mark Consuelos could be cousins. Pic credit: ©

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are big fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey franchise, and one of the Housewives stopped by LIVE with Kelly and Mark recently.

Teresa Giudice, perhaps the most famous face from RHONJ, stopped by to promote Season 14 of the show.

Season 14 of RHONJ shows the same types of drama from previous years, with one exception — Melissa and Joe Gorga, and Teresa Giudice and her husband Luis Ruelas ignore each other.

Kelly and Mark did their best to try to reconcile Teresa and her foes on the show, and while that did not work out well, Teresa revealed that she had found “peace.”

Teresa brought her husband, Luis, to the show while she was interviewed by Kelly and Mark, which prompted her to admit something to the producers she said.

Teresa shared that she told them, “If you put Mark and Luis next to each other, I feel like they look like cousins.”

Teresa Giudice thinks her husband, Luis Ruleas, looks like Mark Consuelos

Teresa thought Luis and Mark could be cousins and shared that on the show, perhaps as a diversion from Mark trying to get her and her brother back together.

Mark and Kelly shared how they felt about family, that there shouldn’t be such division, and how Mark wanted peace between them if possible. Just after that, Teresa brought up Luis and his resemblance to Mark.

Teresa said, “I got a Mark, too; he’s Latino, and I love his family.” She then shared that she told the producers she thought Luis and Mark could be cousins because of their resemblance.

Teresa tried to list Luis’ background, saying he was “Puerto Rican, Dominican, and…” during the clip the crew at LIVE shared on their YouTube channel.

Luis claims to be Dominican, Puerto Rican, and Mexican, and everyone knows that Mark was born to an Italian mother and a Mexican father in Spain.

Kelly jumped right on that and asked Luis, who was standing in the background, to come out. “Come here…Luis, don’t be shy. Now is not the time to be shy.”

He and Mark stood side by side as Kelly joked about how Luis was so much taller. Their resemblance is uncanny when they stand side by side if you can ignore the height difference.

Mark said of Luis’ resemblance to himself, “I see it,” Mark shared, “It could happen.”

Kelly and Mark have been thinking about their future as grandparents

With family on their minds lately, both on the show with guests like Teresa and at home with their children, Kelly and Mark have been thinking about becoming grandparents.

Since they are now in the empty nest time of their lives with all three children living outside the home, someone will get married and make Kelly and Mark grandparents.

Earlier in the week, during a host chat and again with an interview with Faye Dunaway, the subject came up.

Andy Cohen’s kids were originally called Kelly Mee-maw. Now, the name has morphed into Madame, which she likes, but Faye Dunaway does not. Mark is called Pee-Paw, which still needs some tweaking since he’s not a great fan of the name.

LIVE with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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