LIVE’s Kelly Ripa’s Father’s Day gift for Andy Cohen revealed

Kelly Ripa and Andy Cohen at different events
Kelly Ripa gave Andy Cohen an odd father’s day gift. Pic credit: ©

Kelly Ripa shared some throwback photos of her husband, Mark Consuelos, on Instagram just before Father’s Day.

Kelly, the star of Live with Kelly and Mark, shared “vintage” photos depicting Mark’s 30th birthday, causing Mark and her friend Andy Cohen to react.

She gave a special shoutout to Mark’s leather pants and bangs and remarked that, yes, she was expecting to be in those photos.

With this Instagram post, she may commemorate Father’s Day for Mark and her daughter Lola’s birthday, which happens to be on the same day this year.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Mark will not be with all his children today because they are spread out from Michigan to London.

Kelly and Mark made a memorable trip to London the weekend before to see Lola Consuelos. They shared on LIVE that they had a great time with Lola and their son Joaquin, who also made the trip.

Kelly revealed these photos were a gift for Andy Cohen

What is odd in the post is that Kelly shared that these photos were also a gift for Andy Cohen for Father’s Day.

In the comments, Mark posted, “Oh man. I miss those pants. Great party, babe.”

These special memories may help Mark celebrate Father’s Day, which will be quiet since his kids are away. He did mention that their oldest, Michael Consuelos, may visit since he is in nearby New Jersey.

Andy Cohen, Kelly and Mark’s best friend, remarked with a cloud emoji, saying, “Show.”

Then Kelly revealed that “these pics are your Father’s Day present.” Andy Cohen has two children, Benjamin and Lucy. They are close to Kelly and Mark, who consider them grandchildren.

Kelly’s friend and co-worker, Tara Shields, remarked that Kelly’s son, Michael, looks like Mark. Michael is their oldest son, and fans often remark how much he looks like his dad at the same age.

Andy Cohen and Mark Consuelos remark on a post by Kelly Ripa
Pic credit: @kellyripa/Instagram

Lola’s birthday coincides with Father’s Day this year

Kelly and Mark’s only daughter, Lola, is celebrating her 23rd birthday on Father’s Day this year.

Kelly congratulated Lola and called her birth “the best Father’s Day present.” Kelly captioned the post, “Happy Birthday to the legendary Lola! The best Father’s Day present @instasuelos ever got.”

Lola moved to London last fall and has been busy furthering her singing career. She regularly shares songs on her Instagram. Kelly and Mark fly over to see her in London as often as possible.

LIVE with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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