General Hospital alum Ryan Paevey dishes on new Hallmark movie Matching Hearts

Ryan Paevey stars in the Hallmark movie Matching Hearts.
Ryan Paevey has become a staple for romantic Hallmark movies. Pic credit: Hallmark

General Hospital alum, Ryan Paevey, has a new Hallmark movie, Matching Hearts, which is premiering just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The talented actor has become a staple in Hallmark films over the years. Fans have grown to love him as one of the network’s leading men, even though he is still deeply missed as Nathan West on the ABC soap opera.

Matching Hearts plot details

Ryan stopped by Hallmark’s Home & Family to dish on everything Matching Hearts with hosts Debbie Matenopoulos and Cameron Mathison. The actor explained his character, Daniel, is a man known as “Mr. Stay Single.” Daniel advises young entrepreneurs that the only way to achieve success is to focus solely on business.

Enter Julia (Taylor Cole), who is the head of a matchmaking firm and wants to land Daniel as a client. If she could get “Mr. Stay Single” to not be single, it would be a big kudos for Julia and the firm.

However, in true Hallmark movie fashion, Julia and Daniel begin to fall for each other.

“There is some hilarity that occurs, along with a lot of puppies and kittens. Plus, I dance,” Ryan shared on the talk show.

Daniel and Julia both try to fight their feelings, but Valentine’s Day proves to be a game-changer for their professional relationship. It is a good old fashion love story that will have fans swooning over the actor and gearing up for Valentine’s Day.

The one way Ryan and Daniel are alike

There is one way that Ryan is similar to Daniel, and that is, they both love animals. Debbie and Cameron both spilled that Ryan becomes a ball of mush when animals are around. The hunky actor even reverts to baby talk when some animals, especially a dog named William, are in his presence.

Ryan laughed when the two hosts shared how his whole demeanor changes when animals are around. There was even footage to back up Cameron and Debbie’s claim.

They shared a video of Ryan hosting a Hallmark animal adoption event. In the footage, he cuddles a puppy and gets so emotional with the animal. It is beyond cute and will make fans even more crazy about Ryan.

As for whether or not Ryan is “Mr. Stay Single” like his character, well, that is something he is keeping to himself. The actor is extremely private when it comes to his love life.

Ryan Paevey is the leading man in another Hallmark movie. General Hospital fans can catch him in Matching Hearts which premieres on Saturday, February 8 at 9/8c.

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