Gayle King tells Eddie Murphy, ‘you can thank me on stage’ after giving new career suggestion

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Gayle King may have helped Eddie Murphy figure out a new career venture. Pic credit: CBS

Gayle King potentially helped comedy icon Eddy Murphy develop his next successful career move.

Murphy, 63, recently returned to his role as Axel Foley for a fourth installment in the Beverly Hills Cop franchise.

The movie hit Netflix on Wednesday and features several of his previous co-stars, including Judge Reinhold, Paul Reiser, and John Ashton.

While starring in successful movies like Beverly Hills Cop and Coming to America is a big part of Murphy’s resume, he initially rose to fame with his comedic roles in Saturday Night Live and standup comedy specials.

He ventured into music along with movies, releasing a popular song, Party All the Time, in the mid-1980s. According to Murphy, he never stopped creating music either.

While discussing a potential return to standup comedy, King and Murphy contemplated something he could do to stand out in today’s comedy landscape.

Gayle King sparked potential career direction for Eddie Murphy

In the 1980s, Murphy succeeded in multiple ways, including various roles on NBC’s SNL and his popular standup comedy shows.

During his recent CBS Mornings interview, King asked if he’ll return to the stage as a comedian.

Murphy said it would depend on “where you catch [him].”

He said he realizes there are many comedians today, and he’s unsure if he could contribute something different.

“There’s so many comics, but there’s only one Eddie Murphy,” King told him.

“I’m not just thinking about standup. I’m thinking about music and standup and telling old stories. I see more of a show,” he told her.

“Oh, about your life,” King said, suggesting, “Eddie on Broadway.”

“You’re welcome for me bringing this out for you,” she told him, adding, “You’re welcome. You can thank me on stage.”

Eddie Murphy revealed he still makes music ‘more than anything,’ but it could take ’50 years’ to release

After bringing up his song Party All the Time during the interview, King asked if he plans to return to music.

“It weirds out people when actors sing,” Murphy told King.

“I didn’t want to be one of those actors who people thought I was one of those actors who was just doing music,” he said.

Party All the Time reached as high as No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, just behind Lionel Richie’s hit song, Say You, Say Me. As of this writing, the music video for Murphy’s 1985 song has achieved over 109 million views on YouTube.

Murphy admitted to King that he is still a musician and has “never stopped recording” new music, as he does that “more than anything” in his leisure time. However, he joked that his other recorded music might only be released “posthumously” in “50 years.”

King could be onto something successful with her idea about Broadway. Murphy has won at least one Oscar, Emmy, and Grammy, leaving a Tony Award as the final award he needs to achieve the EGOT.

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