Fear the Walking Dead Season 6B trailer: Death is inevitable, but from this death comes new life

Alycia Debnam-Carey stars as Alicia, as seen in Episode 7 of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead Season 6
Alycia Debnam-Carey stars as Alicia, as seen in Episode 7 of Fear the Walking Dead Season 6. Pic credit: AMC/Ryan Green

A new extended trailer has been released for Season 6B of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead. In it, plenty of threats are explored as a voiceover declares that “death is inevitable, but from this death comes new life.”

The second installment of Fear the Walking Dead promises plenty of action if the latest clip is anything to go by. But, viewers knew this already as the main characters started revolting in the midseason finale from Virginia’s (Colby Minifie) tyranny as the head of the group known as the Pioneers.

The conflict continues among characters in Season 6B of Fear the Walking Dead

The end of Season 5 of Fear the Walking Dead introduced the Pioneers and some fans were left wondering if maybe Virginia’s group wasn’t so bad. They seemed intent on helping and protecting people, after all.

However, the first half of Season 6 determined this to be a lie. Instead, Virginia controlled with an iron fist and there were dire — if not outright deadly — consequences to all that crossed her.

The new trailer, which was released on Skybound’s YouTube channel, opens with Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) lighting a match and starting a fire. A voiceover starts up and, ominously, starts talking about death and destruction.

“Death, destruction, decay,” the man says. “What is happening to the world isn’t new. The world’s been breaking down since its inception.”

While the unidentified man speaks, snippets of scenes from Season 6B of Fear the Walking Dead play out. Included in this, is a disturbing conflict between John Dorie (Garret Dillahunt) and Morgan Jones (Lennie James).

In addition, Luciana (Danay Garcia) is shown kneeling on the ground in the dark as men with weapons stand behind her.

Daniel Salazar (Ruben Blades) also appears to be in a serious predicament as he is shown with a facial injury and Virginia pulls a gun on him.

As all of this plays out, the voice continues. The characters are then shown fighting back and, at one point, it appears that Morgan finally lays eyes on Grace (Karen David), who is pregnant with his child.

Alicia meets the ‘King of the Crazies’ in Season 6B trailer for Fear the Walking Dead

The short clip ends with Alicia’s voice overtaking the unknown male’s and his identity appears to be revealed.

“So, you’re the king of the crazies,” Alicia utters.

“And, you are Alicia,” he responds as an image of a wizened older man appears on the screen.

“I’ve been looking for someone like you for a long, long time.”

The trailer ends there and it has given fans something to think about as they eagerly await the Season 6 return of AMC’s hit zombie apocalypse series.

As to who this new character is, though, remains to be seen. However, Digital Spy has listed the character as being played by Smallville’s John Glover.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 returns April 11 on AMC.

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