FBI Tuesday actresses honor an important anniversary for the real FBI

FBI Maggie
Missy Peregrym as Maggie Bell on FBI. Pic credit: CBS

The stars of FBI Tuesdays took time to honor the real-life agents they portray on television.

This week, Missy Peregrym, Alexa Davalos, and Roxy Sternberg took time to honor the 50th anniversary of the FBI allowing women to become special agents. 

The actresses all expressed gratitude for these real women who help protect the public, and each honored their heroism and sacrifice. 

As production begins on the new seasons for each series, the actresses made it clear how much they appreciated being part of this franchise and bringing these female heroes to life. 

While each actress may play a heroic agent on-screen, their words make it clear that they consider the real-life female FBI agents the true heroes for which viewers should be rooting.

This made the honor from each star more notable for this anniversary.

FBI’s history with women

Like many agencies of the early 20th century, the FBI was a male-dominated field for much of its existence. 

Any woman working for the FBI was usually in the office and not given much chance to rise up. Much of that was pushed by longtime director J. Edgar Hoover, who ruled that only men could apply for field agents. 

It wasn’t until after Hoover died in 1972 and the establishment of the FBI Academy at Quantico that the agency finally began accepting women as applicants to be agents. 

Today, while 43% of the FBI is female, only 23% are special agents in high places for major cases. 

Yet the agency is always hopeful for more opportunities for women in the ranks and has been bolstered by how the FBI series have led to more interest in the agency and its works.

Now, three of the top actresses of the FBI franchise are honoring that legacy.

FBI actresses on the anniversary

Fittingly, the first to post was Missy Peregrym, who plays Agent Maggie Bell on FBI. The actress is currently on maternity leave following the birth of her second child and is expected to return later this fall. 

“Today, July 17th, is the 50th anniversary of female special agents in the modern era of the FBI. I love playing Maggie Bell and I am honored to represent the courageous women of this team on @fbicbs. Thank you for your dedication to keeping our nation safe. We celebrate the sacrifices you make – the long hours away from family, the dangerous nature of your position, and the emotional toll I imagine it takes to face the difficult situations (just to name a few).”

Roxy Sternberg, who plays Sheryll Barnes on FBI: Most Wanted, joined in. The actress is also on maternity leave after having a child but is expected back in time for the Season 4 premiere. 

“I want to congratulate the FBI’s female agents, both past&present on 50 years of service! It is a real honour to be able to pretend to be you everyday! You really are true heroes! Thank you for your sacrifice, courage & ALL that you do!”

Alexa Davalos, who joined FBI: Most Wanted in Season 3 as Kristin Gaines, had a warm hand-written note to mark the occasion. 

“This week marks the 50th Anniversary of female special agents in the modern era of the FBI. Thank you for your service to our nation and beyond and for your unparalleled courage and dedication. With gratitude & immeasurable respect, Alexa.”

With the new seasons beginning filming, it’s good to see these actresses honoring the legacy of the true female FBI agents and making fans realize who the true heroes are. 

FBI Tuesdays return starting with FBI Season 5 premiere at 8/7c on Tuesday, September 20 on CBS. 

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