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Exclusive clip: Berlin Station declared ‘Persona Non Grata’ by German Chancellor in finale

Leland Orser
Robert Kirsch loses it when Esther pushes for Hector DeJean to be turned over

On this weekend’s dramatic Berlin Station finale, a verbal shootout goes down in Ambassador Richard Hanes’ office, ignited by the unfiltered Robert Kirsch (Leland Orser). Berlin Station is declared persona non grata by Esther Krug (Mina Tander) and the Chancellor of Germany.

Watch our exclusive clip as Leland Orser’s Kirsch shines brightly in this tense meeting that ends with threats of expulsion and censorship.

As fans already know, Hanes (John Doman) and Kirsch have their own issues with each other, but the meeting with Esther Krug and the Foreign Minister of Germany and his petulant aide Stefan goes south quickly as the fallout of Katerina Gerhardt’s assassination and death heats up.

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The blame game continues as the Germans demand prime suspect Hector DeJean (Rhys Ifans) be turned over to them. The situation outside in Germany after the attack (and subsequent death) of Katerina Gerhardt is tense.

Despite the fact Berlin Station has proof of who did the deed, they cannot release the information just yet. Hector DeJean is the one the Germans are convinced shot and killed Gerhardt, but this is not the case.

In our clip, Ambassador Richard Hanes hosts a brief and terse meeting with Esther who has been ordered by the Chancellor to break communication with Berlin Station.

“The situation outside speaks for itself and it will only get worse. I have been ordered by the Chancellor to break liaison with Berlin Station,” says Esther. The foreign minister adds: “Berlin Station is declared persona non grata.”

This makes Robert lose his mind. “Great, we’re all just gonna lose our f***ing heads along with the protesters outside?” he says.

Leland Orser
Robert cannot take Stefan or this meeting much longer. He knows the truth but cannot reveal it yet

Snipping at Kirsch the entire meeting is the aide to the minister, Stefan, and this enrages Kirsch. Stefan’s remark to Robert to mind his words because he is speaking to the Foreign Minister is the last straw.

He barks at Stefan: “Thanks, Stefan, I’m pretty much boned up on everyone in the Bundestag [The national parliament of Germany].”

Stefan goads Robert at every turn during the meeting

Esther lays it out: “Pending investigations and questions of complicity criminal charges are a possibility here.” The foreign minister says: “You will be the first to go, Richard,” after Hanes chastises Kirsch for his outburst.

Kirsch is adamant: “Hector DeJean stands accused of a crime he did not commit…”

Esther cuts him off, saying: “We have testimony from the Ganz daughter that they were planning it together and eyewitness accounts that place him at the location right before the shooting.”

Robert barks: “Planning, planning, Esther, do you have any idea how many people wanted Katerina Gerhardt dead?” He adds: “We have proof who did the deed, to share the details of that now would be premature ”

But as the foreign minister says ominously to Hanes as this awkward meeting wraps: “The people want blood, Richard. I suggest you give them DeJean before they get it.”

The Berlin Station Season 2 finale airs Sunday at 9/8c on Epix.

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