Exclusive preview clip: EPIX horror-thriller From sees Boyd warn Sara to listen to him

The series From on Epix is a chilling horror thriller set in a town held hostage by mysterious night creatures. One new family has inadvertently found themselves trapped inside the city limits. Monsters & Critics’ exclusive preview below shows that Boyd Stevens (Harold Perrineau) and Sara Myers (Avery Konrad) are in the woods as Sara


Epix on YouTube TV is free for 30 days

Epix and chill anyone? As of Friday, it was revealed that the Epix channel is available free of charge for 30 days as the coronavirus pandemic continues. The normally-premium channel will only be available on YouTube TV for free, but it gives those who use the service a way to pass the time as they

Pennyworth first preview, EPIX summer series features swinging 1960’s London

  One of the hottest series previewed at the Television Critics’Association is Pennyworth, coming to EPIX this summer. EPIX sent Monsters and Critics a first-look first teaser trailer for the highly anticipated series Pennyworth created by Gotham showrunners Bruno Heller (Rome) and Danny Cannon. Heller and Cannon have gone back in time to swinging ’60s

Berlin Station exclusive preview: Esther shares concerns for Daniel with Frost

SLIGHT SPOILERS: Please know we are previewing from an exclusive clip and are revisiting past events for this season. Fans of Berlin Station know that undercover operative and CIA officer Daniel Miller is missing in action somewhere in the Estonia region as Torres (Ismael Cruz Córdova) has defied the orders of Valerie (Michelle Forbes), the

Exclusive: Esther asks Daniel what his legacy will be on Berlin Station

Tonight Berlin Station sees the fallout of Otto Ganz’s death as Esther Krug (Mina Tander) asks Daniel Miller (Richard Armitage) what he wants his legacy to be in a poignant exchange, as shown in our exclusive clip below. Also, the Station’s Robert (Leland Orser) and Frost (Richard Jenkins) are following a dirty money trail and