Berlin Station exclusive preview: Esther shares concerns for Daniel with Frost

Esther Krug is Daniel's German lover as well as peer spy at Berlin Station. Pic credit: Epix
Esther Krug is Daniel’s German lover as well as peer spy at Berlin Station. Pic credit: Epix

SLIGHT SPOILERS: Please know we are previewing from an exclusive clip and are revisiting past events for this season.

Fans of Berlin Station know that undercover operative and CIA officer Daniel Miller is missing in action somewhere in the Estonia region as Torres (Ismael Cruz Córdova) has defied the orders of Valerie (Michelle Forbes), the CIA’s Chief of the Berlin Station.

He has moved the body presumed to be Daniel based on his last coordinates established from a communique with Berlin Station.

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It has not been confirmed that Daniel is the discovered burned-up corpse, which is unidentifiable at the scene. Valerie and Robert Kirsch (Leland Orser) are on edge until they hear from Miller or know who that body actually is.

Again, who Daniel’s mother was is a key point of interest, specifically what exactly happened to her and the mysterious Diver, a spook operative whom Daniel believes has killed his mother when he was just a boy. She was murdered outside her apartment at night.

Was she a spy? We have no idea who Daniel’s mother was based on what we have seen thus far. Why did she die? That, too, is a mystery that hopefully will be solved this season.

So the big questions are who is this “Diver” that Daniel believes killed his mother, and is Daniel Miller even still alive?

In our exclusive preview of Sunday’s episode “The Dream of the Four Policemen” directed by Hagen Bogdanski, there is a conversation with CIA’s former Chief of the Berlin Station Steven Frost (Richard Jenkins). Esther (Mina Krug) — who is also Daniel’s lover — is drinking some wine to steady her nerves as she says to him: “Daniel’s missing.”

Looking slightly shocked, Frost says: “Officially? I understood you hadn’t heard from him but…”

Esther is trying to see if Frost knows anything that can lead to the whereabouts of Daniel, still missing in action. She says: “You knew about this?”

Frost has taken a soothing tone with her and tries to ease her worst fears. He says: “Esther, they’ll get him back. They won’t stop. They will fire it all up. It will be fine.”

She isn’t having it and counters: “None of this feels right. He’s been away before but he has always found a way to stay in touch. And there’s something else…Daniel called me when he was in Estonia, agitated, talking about his mother the night she died.”

Frost perks up. “What about it?” he says.

Esther reveals what concerned her in her conversation with Daniel. “You have heard of ‘Diver’?”

“The Spook?” says Frost. She says: “Daniel thinks he was real. He thinks Diver killed his mother. He said he knows who he is but didn’t leave it on my voicemail. I tried to pry it out of Gilbert Dorn [James Cromwell] but got nowhere.”

Frost is looking a bit caught off guard by how thorough Esther is regarding Daniel’s past. “Oh, you are tenacious. Dorn’s is a good idea. He knows all, but only lets it fly when he is good and ready. I can talk to him.”

Esther is grateful that Frost is listening to her concerns. “Thank you,” she says. Frost tries to reassure Esther and says: “They’ll find him.”

Looking worried still, she lays it out to Frost. Her pragmatic outlook veers to pessimistic at best. “Yeah, we find bodies all the time in the river, chopped up and sealed into baggies.”

Frost reassures Esther that Daniel will be brought back alive. “No no no, none of that. We’re going to bring him home Esther.”

Also tonight, the official logline from Epix says:

Kirsch (Leland Orser) and Torres (Ismael Cruz Córdova) follow a lead to Vienna, where they must risk their lives to secure their fallen comrade’s (Daniel) location. When B.B. Yates (Ashley Judd) returns to Berlin, the Station must decide whether or not they can trust an emissary of the Oval Office.

Mina and Frost Daniels | Berlin Station 305

Berlin Station airs Sundays at 9 PM on Epix

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