Exclusive: Berlin Station’s Daniel gets ‘meat glue’ treatment from Sofia and Kirsch is spooked

Culinary meat glue is used by Sofia to mend Daniel's deep cut. Pic credit: EPIX
Culinary meat glue is used by Sofia to mend Daniel’s deep cut. Pic credit: EPIX

On the Sunday episode of Berlin Station, the death of Henrik has ignited the action and pace of the story. We open with Leland Orser’s Robert Kirsch trepidatiously exiting his shower quite certain someone has attempted to enter and break into his apartment.

Clearly, he is spooked and this is because he was the one the Russians figured out was given the DNA sample that Daniel Miller had secured before they dramatically parted ways in the train station last week.

Cut to: Beautiful, social media savvy and politically relevant, Sofia Vesik (Katarina Cas) who Daniel Miller seeks out. But she wants to know, “Who are you, Mr. Miller?”

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Our exclusive Berlin Station clip shows Daniel reminding Sofia that ‘any friend of Henrik’s..,” spitting back a line she used last week when they met.

Daniel is cleaning up with Sofia’s help after the brutal ass kicking he took from the Russian goons.

What Daniel calls “meat glue,” a culinary adhesive, is used to hold together his deep cut on his pectoral muscle.

Then as the conversation progresses, Daniel lays his cards out to Sofia, who initially is skeptical of Miller’s story.

“Why is Henrik dead?” she pointedly asks Daniel.

Daniel was beaten to a bloody pulp last week and makes it to Sofia's flat. Pic credit: EPIX
Daniel was beaten to a bloody pulp last week and makes it to Sofia’s flat. Pic credit: EPIX

If you remember, Daniel had taken an epic brutal beating and was injured, but he knew he had to draw the heat and the trail of Russian operatives away from Robert Kirsch in a ruse ploy so that Kirsch could return to Berlin Station with the cache of Henrik’s snipped hair Miller took from his cadaver to confirm their suspicions that Henrik was, in fact, poisoned and did not die of a heart attack.

In this episode titled Fire Knows Nothing of Mercy, the loose ends of Henrik’s final moments and acquaintances are reexamined by Kirsch, Daniel Miller (Richard Armitage) and Torres (Ismael Cruz Cordova), the brand new agent that gets under Kirsch’s skin with his directness and lack of fear of his place in the Berlin Station pecking order.

Directed by Christoph Schrewe, this episode is a key story propellant as early on in the episode, Valerie briefs her team. “Estonia is not a war zone, it’s an ethnic conflict,” she says in one key scene.

Scoffing at this benign assessment, Kirsch underlines the gravity of it all and says: “That’s how the Crimean playbook starts…take out the moderate voices, the peacemakers, douse with gasoline, strike a match.”

He argues that this appears to be Russia’s last chance to take Estonia, and if Estonia goes south and falls under Russian rule it’s on to the other Baltics and then Poland. The Iron Curtain is then poised to fall once again as Berlin Station season two is set to thwart the diabolical plot in Estonia that has kicked off with the poisoning of Henrik, the beloved Estonian leader assumed to have died of natural causes.

Read our exclusive interview with Leland Orser here.

Be sure to tune in Sunday as Sofia is counseled by Daniel about the reality of the situation as Berlin Station is now on the lead that there is a possible upcoming invasion.

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Berlin Station airs Sunday, at 9/8c on EPIX.

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