Berlin Station exclusive: April has Lena on the run while Katerina’s fate is unknown

Lena and April on Berlin Station
Lena is under the gun and on the run, as April tries to get her out of Berlin

On tonight’s penultimate episode of Berlin Station, titled The Righteous One, our exclusive preview clip reveals an anxious April Lewis (Keke Palmer) trying to usher Lena Ganz (Emilia Schüle) safely through the subway and out of Berlin.

In the clip, a frantic April is seen trying to get a scared and confused Lena out of the city limits after the death of her father and the confusion with a possible attempt on Katerina Gerhardt’s (Natalia Wörner) life.

But in their efforts, they appear to be on the run which alerts the German Polizei who see them running.

Director Giuseppe Capotondi’s exciting episode is loaded with heart-stopping action as Valerie (Michelle Forbes), BB Yates (Ashley Judd), Robert (Leland Orser) and Steven Frost (Richard Jenkins) are all involved in the dramatic events that unfold with the German election and the shocking rise of Gerhardt’s political party PfD, Perspektive für Deutschland.

Read our interview with Leland Orser here

No spoilers, but Lena is not at all like her late father Otto Ganz, and is realizing how brainwashed she was under his command.

April believes she deserved a fresh start, and Berlin Station operatives try their best to get her out of town as the drama continues to unfold with the fate of right-wing politician Gerhardt.

Meanwhile, all eyes are squarely on Hector (Rhys Ifans) who is wanted by German authorities, but Berlin Station begins to discover more moving parts to the assassination attempt puzzle beyond a “jaded ex-CIA officer”.

Those following the series know the episode will open on Hector poised to shoot Katerina from last week’s episode, but there’s a hitch and just possibly another shooter in the wings.

Berlin Station airs Sundays at 9/8c on Epix.

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