Berlin Station exclusive: Hector smells a rat ahead of mother of all twisted finales

Light spoilers What can we say about Sunday’s twisted finale of Berlin Station that won’t anger fans who hate spoilers and those who want no speculation about the action to unfold? Let’s begin by sharing a pretty ambiguous exclusive clip where a phone call between Steven Frost (Richard Jenkins) and Hector Dejean (Rhys Ifans) appears

Berlin Station exclusive: Rafa’s portentous brunch with Romanov Platov

Some light spoilers. We are all reeling in a possibly, maybe, perhaps, uncertain post-Daniel Miller world now and there aren’t enough Kirsch-styled f***s to go around. Seriously. I smell a double-agent, how about you? We will discuss this all on Twitter live this coming Sunday. In this Monsters and Critics exclusive clip, Rafa [Rafael] Torres

Berlin Station: Daniel and Hector might have a Krik in their necks, exclusive

Very slight spoilers Read our exclusive interview with Leland Orser here. On the exciting episode of tonight’s Berlin Station on Epix, the hunt for Daniel Miller is on for both sides, literally. Vassily Krik (Mikhail Boutchine) is a sadistic oligarch who has been the mastermind behind the Estonian turmoil. His cruelty is on full display

Berlin Station exclusive: See Kirsch bust Kolya’s kishkas during tense negotiation

Slight spoilers and some of the previous week’s action is discussed The White Shirt gang is kicking some major kishkas on Sunday’s Berlin Station on Epix. In the episode titled ‘In Cold hell,” directed by Christoph Schrewe, our exclusive clip shows Robert Kirsch (Leland Orser) and Kolya Akulov (Dejan Cukic) meet late at night on a

Berlin Station exclusive preview: Esther shares concerns for Daniel with Frost

SLIGHT SPOILERS: Please know we are previewing from an exclusive clip and are revisiting past events for this season. Fans of Berlin Station know that undercover operative and CIA officer Daniel Miller is missing in action somewhere in the Estonia region as Torres (Ismael Cruz Córdova) has defied the orders of Valerie (Michelle Forbes), the

Berlin Station exclusive preview: Daniel is missing as April sounds the alert

On Sunday’s Berlin Station on Epix, the episode, titled “The Old Lie” is directed by Bronwen Hughes and sees The Station fold Rafael Torres (Ismael Cruz Córdova) into the mix to track down Daniel Miller’s (Richard Armitage) location bringing him into hostile territory, and to a horrifying discovery. Ahead of this, our exclusive clip shows