Berlin Station exclusive: Rafa’s portentous brunch with Romanov Platov

Berlin Station exclusive: Rafa's portentous brunch with Romanov Platov
Torres is having a nosh with Platov, what could go wrong? Pic credit: Epix

Some light spoilers.

We are all reeling in a possibly, maybe, perhaps, uncertain post-Daniel Miller world now and there aren’t enough Kirsch-styled f***s to go around. Seriously.

I smell a double-agent, how about you? We will discuss this all on Twitter live this coming Sunday.

In this Monsters and Critics exclusive clip, Rafa [Rafael] Torres is confronted by the steely Romanov Platov who accuses him of a scheme to steal oligarch underworld boss Vassily Krik’s vast fortune.

The setting is pure Russian over-the-top opulence and a lovely silver, crystal-bedecked brunch awaits Torres who could have just as easily been shanked by one of Platov’s men.

As fans who follow this series are aware, Krik’s fall from grace paves the way for the rise of Platov.

Platov is best described as Krik’s understudy in evil. He is a ruthless successor who will stop at nothing to take over the reins in Estonia as the small country is reeling from a succession of violent events and assassinations from these Russian-backed bad actors.

Berlin Station exclusive: Rafa's portentous brunch with Romanov Platov
Berlin Station Season 3 Episode 301: If You Swear, You’ll Catch No Fish Pic credit: Epix

Monsters and Critics spoke with Leland Orser today to describe to fans what can expect this Sunday on this excellent spy thriller that needs to be renewed for a season four.

About the coming episode, Leland says: “Chaos. Complete and total chaos. The entire team is reeling and trying to find their footing in a world suddenly thrust into extreme jeopardy and total uncertainty. “

Describing the escalating action in Estonia, he says: “It’s as if a major explosion has occurred and everybody is just coming to, struggling to regain their senses and their bearings.”

And what about Kirsch? Orser says: “Robert blindly dives down a deep, dark rabbit hole. The question is… will he come out of it in one piece or will he even come out of it at all?”

Ok, so buckle up as Romanov, who was Vassily Krik’s “right-hand man” is feeling his power.

Fans already know that Vassily was trying to overtake Estonia on a stealth invasion, but he fell from grace once he was determined to be a total coward.

Which leaves Mr. Nasty Romanov and Krik’s successor now taking over that operation.

Our stealthy Berlin Station operative Rafa is still trying to infiltrate Platov undercover to help stop the invasion and to bring Platov down.

And Platov plans to use the sale of Krik’s vast art collection featured in those amazing sets and rooms we have seen to fund the invasion.

Tune in #whiteTshirtgang and see what happens to Torres and the rest of the surviving Berlin Station operatives.

Berlin Station airs Sundays at 9/8c, only on EPIX.

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