Berlin Station: Daniel and Hector might have a Krik in their necks, exclusive

Berlin Station: Daniel and Hector might have a Krik in their necks, exclusive
Running in the dead of night, Hector gets Daniel out of Krik-world. Pic credit: Epix

Very slight spoilers

Read our exclusive interview with Leland Orser here.

On the exciting episode of tonight’s Berlin Station on Epix, the hunt for Daniel Miller is on for both sides, literally.

Vassily Krik (Mikhail Boutchine) is a sadistic oligarch who has been the mastermind behind the Estonian turmoil.

His cruelty is on full display in our exclusive clip where Hector has found Daniel and both are in a dead run to escape the hunting parties Krik put in place along with vicious dogs.

This is a sport for Krik as viewers of the series know that he regularly tortures people this way and worse.

While Berlin Station is on high alert over the Daniel Miller abduction, Daniel and Hector are seen running for their lives in the night from Krik’s men, near Krik’s opulent castle-like Dacha where works of fine art cover all the walls and even a live tiger (Krik’s wife’s pet) prowls the premise.

Daniel (Richard Armitage) and Hector (Rhys Ifans) find themselves in a dead run through heavily wooded forest needing to escape this perverted hunt situation to meet with Frost (Richard Jenkins) for an escape and ultimately the return of Daniel to this handlers at the Station.

Running for their lives with the sounds of guard dogs barking in the background, Hector says: “Come on…come on man, you know which way is North?”

Daniel is out of breathe. He says: “I’ve run every of square inch of this place so yeah…”

Hector turns and stops him for a moment. He says: “There’s a green dacha a mile north from here, I’ll meet you there. Hey! It’s good to see your face again. Don’t get shot!”

Last week, Agent Torres shared a sauna with Vassily Krik while trying to infiltrate his underworld. This cagey Russian oligarch has been holding Daniel Miller alive.

Torres has nerves of steel in his bid to win over the trust of this Soviet-era snake.

Also on tonight’s episode, Torres (Ismael Cruz Córdova) works overtime to maintain his covert cover and give his allies “a leading edge.”

Berlin Station airs Sunday, at 9/8c on EPIX.

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