Berlin Station exclusive preview: April and Sofia strategize how to fight Russian trolls

Sofia is tired but knows Estonia's future depends on her. Pic credit: Epix
Sofia is tired but knows Estonia’s future depends on her. Pic credit: Epix

On the next episode of Berlin Station’s ongoing Estonian takeover yarn, it’s all hands on deck as the whereabouts and the viability of Daniel (Richard Armitage) is still an unknown.

In our exclusive clip, April (Keke Palmer), his handler, is asked by Valerie (Michelle Forbes) to connect with Sofia (Katarina Cas) who is the key to getting the truth to the people of Estonia via social media.

Warning: There are slight spoilers ahead for the upcoming episode, If You Swear, You’ll Catch No Fish. 

We all know what happened to Henrik, and Berlin Station and Sofia both know she is a target of the Russians too, who are trolling her bigtime on Twitter and Facebook.

Our episode opens tonight with a scene in the Gulf of Finland as three fishermen are at loggerheads, then something big happens… but we are not sure what.

Cut to our clip as Sofia and April are put together in a meeting by Valerie, who is still reeling from the photos of a charred corpse that Torres traced to the last whereabouts of Daniel from coordinates given to him.

She’s understandably not doing great and wants to get to the bottom of this immediately.

April sees the extent of the Russian hackers trying to take down Sofia. Pic credit: Epix
April sees the extent of the Russian hackers trying to take down Sofia. Pic credit: Epix

Valerie calls Kirsch (Leland Orser), who she feels isn’t getting enough sleep, and he tells her Ambien is off the table as he makes another great Berlin Station line. Leland said he makes “mystery sandwiches” on it.

He is concerned too as Daniel has not responded to any calls and the entire Spetsnaz operation in Estonia has come to a standstill for a moment. He says, “It’s never good when the drums go quiet.”

Which takes us back to another sleep deprived cast member, Sofia.

Ahead of the meeting, Valerie tells April that Sofia is an important agent of influence. She says, “She needs a friend right now April, someone she can trust, and that person is you, April.”

April is sent in to meet with Sofia who shows her the reams of fake memes and posts from sophisticated Russsian hackers.”The trolls have been busy,” she says.

“The same people who killed Henrik are primed and ready to take you down,” cautions April.

For those new to this series, Berlin Station is a spy thriller and chronicles the exploits of the CIA station headquartered in Berlin.

Fans of Leland Orser are known on Twitter as the #whitetshirtgang, an homage to Robert Kirsch’s wardrobe staple. Orser’s Kirsch is also getting used to Torres’ style and has an interesting next door neighbor he keeps “cute meeting” as you will see on Sunday’s episode.

This season’s plot is pure ripped from the headlines politically charged stuff, just swap Estonia for the USA and you have total overlaps as to what happened here during the presidential election a few years back and Facebook’s egregious security breaches and the CIA and other intelligence agencies confirming Russian hacking and influence of the US election.

This Estonian parallel subtly references President Trump’s policies and jingoistic tendencies and portrays the Russians as the big bad and the USA as Estonia’s last hope for a free society.

Make sure to tune in Sunday to see how Torres extricates himself from last week’s cliffhanger and how April and Sofia get on.

Watch Berlin Station Sundays at 9/8c, only on EPIX.

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