Berlin Station exclusive: Hector smells a rat ahead of mother of all twisted finales

frost on Berlin Station
Frost is an enigma to the Berlin Station viewer in the finale. Pic credit: Epix

Light spoilers

What can we say about Sunday’s twisted finale of Berlin Station that won’t anger fans who hate spoilers and those who want no speculation about the action to unfold?

Let’s begin by sharing a pretty ambiguous exclusive clip where a phone call between Steven Frost (Richard Jenkins) and Hector Dejean (Rhys Ifans) appears odd and stilted.

Hector plays coy about his whereabouts, but why and more importantly, what does he know? What does he remember?

The finale promises heart-pounding moments for Sofia Vesik (Katarina Cas), who aims to restore Estonia’s power grid while April Lewis (Keke Palmer) is assisting her from Berlin Station.

Cas did an amazing job this season on Berlin Station and we hope to see her again in future episodes.

There were also superb turns of acting from Adi Kvetner as Rodion Volkov and everyone’s favorite double agent and western wear aficionado Dejan Cukic as Kolya Akulov.

Kolya and Robert Kirsch (Leland Orser) were two of our favorites to watch in this series.

BB Yates (Ashley Judd) also had a few interesting moments this episode — first with Kirsch and then with Dr. Kayode Adeyemi (Robbie Gee). Hector then pulled a fast one on Anton (Maximilien Seweryn), who was guarding the art haul in storage.

Meanwhile, Torres (Ismael Cruz Córdova) is non-stop in this episode as he trails the Russians and it leads to one of the most brutal encounters of the series, all while Kirsch (Leland Orser) is having issues with his neighbor.

Big ones. #WhiteTShirtgang alert.

The lynch pin in the episode is Gilbert Dorn (James Cromwell), a former CIA legend whose problematic podcast is shedding light on deep dark Diver secrets and the ultimate reveal of who Diver is and why Daniel’s mother was killed.

James Cromwell added a real level of panache and tension to this compressed time period of the eleven days that the season played out in.

The official logline for the epiosde from Epix:

Mere hours remain before enemy forces topple the Estonian government and reclaim the country for Russia. Without Langley’s backing, Berlin Station acts alone in one final desperate push to prevent the fall of a nation.

No more explaining what needs to unfold in real time for fans of this intense spy thriller other than it perfectly sets up a season four.

Berlin Station on Sundays at 9/8c, on EPIX.

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