Eric Graise on Locke & Key: Who is the double leg amputee on Netflix original series

Eric Graise on Locke & Key: Who is the double leg amputee on Netflix original series
Genevieve Kang, Hallea Jones, and Eric Graise on Locke & Key. Pic credit: Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix

There is an original character on Netflix’s Locke & Key that does not exist in the comic books. This is Logan Calloway, a double-leg amputee played by Eric Graise.

Graise himself seemed excited about the role, calling his character a “bad a** double leg amputee who takes sh*t from no one.”

As seen in the first season of the Netflix series, that description fits perfectly.

Logan Calloway on Locke & Key

Logan does not appear in the comic books by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez but he steals scenes on the Locke & Key Netflix series.

In both the comics and the series, oldest son Tyler comes to Matheson with his family after his dad’s death, he carries intense guilt about his dad’s murder.

He blames himself, and he sets out on a self-destructive path, including hanging around with the wrong kids.

However, Tyler is a good kid and he starts to see things such as his buddy from the hockey team parking in the handicap spot at school because his leg is sore. Tyler then watches a double amputee student walk by the car and key it.

This is Logan.

Later in the series, Logan even covers for Tyler when his friends are almost caught shoplifting alcohol from a convenience store. The two slowly become friends, and Logan is someone who keeps Tyler’s head on his shoulders at times of doubt.

As Logan said when Tyler questioned his use of shorts in the winter snow, “do my legs look cold?”

One hopes that if Locke & Key gets a second season, Logan Calloway is back for more.

Who is Eric Graise?

Eric Graise is a double-leg amputee who, much like Logan, doesn’t let his disability stop him.

“Luckily enough, I was not only raised by a loving and supportive mother, but by a community of people that never once suggested my disability would either be a hindrance or a mode to the success they sought to cultivate in me,” Graise said in an interview on Medium.

Before Locke & Key, Graise appeared in the dance series sequel Step Up: High Water, a YouTube original. He played King on the series.

Don’t think that the lack of legs stopped him from dancing, he did it before he even tried out for the YouTube series. He was in a dance company called Full Radius Dance Company, a professional company with dancers with disabilities and able-bodied dancers as well.

He heard that the Step Up series was casting and sent in a video.

“I made a quick video of myself freestyling and I also sent them some of my singing as well,” Graise said. “Two days later I get a call back and right before I get on the plane I get an email stating I’ve landed the role.”

Now, Eric Graise is on Netflix’s Locke & Key and it is time for the world to see what a great talent this young man really is.

All 10 episodes of Locke & Key are currently streaming on Netflix.

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